Why GTA 5 does not have Kids? – Popular Theories!

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GTA does not have kids

Rockstar Games, as we all know them, for some reason, do not provide a single child character in any of their games. And so are the things with GTA 5. Why GTA 5 does not have kids is a fascinating topic as it supports endless conversations. And still, you cannot conclude on this topic.

As there is no formal statement on this topic by Rockstar games, I have gathered several theories given by players on various platforms.

GTA supports cheats on PC or PS3 and various other platforms. But why do they not support kids?

I thought it would be fascinating to peek into some forums and into my mind to see the list of some sound reasons.

And I can guarantee you this one thing!

Some of the theories I am going to pen down can be interesting enough that you may be tempted to discuss them with your friends.

So, let’s see them one by one.

Top 9 Reasons that GTA 5 does not support child characters

You can:

But one thing you cannot become is a father or mother. Haha!

Have you ever thought about it.

Let’s see why.

1) Killing Kids may not be something Rockstar games want to portray

In such a diverse open world game, you can get away with anything.

Stealing cars, mass-murdering people, supplying drugs, or consuming them display the GTA franchise’s very dark side.

And if you are allowed to kill or bully kids on a street who wants to play is not something any game brand will like to show.

So, this can be a consideration taken by the Rockstar Games. They know what to show their huge multi-aged audience.

2) Kids are Superheros

Ellie last of us 2

Think about it for a second. In most games or all of them, the child characters are either:

  • a) Not present, or
  • b) are superheroes/ main protagonists

I have my shreds of evidence to prove my point here. Games like Horizon Zero Dawn and The Walking Dead prove my point. The stories, howsoever, make them the lead character.

The kids in all these games eventually forged their way to great powers.

The Last of Us 2

is another example. The entire storyline was molded so that Ellie and Dina can become the main Protagonists for most of the game. You can see that in all the cutscenes and interactions that Dina and Ellie had.

3) Life in Los Santos

Life in Los Santos is toxic, not in reality, but that is what’s shown game. You can observe different types of gangs and illegal activities that run in the city.

The city is run by rich people or by politicians. This makes GTA 5 a very dark place to live in. Everything’s got a price here, including humanity.

To make it even worse, you are involved in all these. Your character can kill anyone, do drugs, and even go to a strip club, making Los Santos not suitable for Kids.

Therefore, I think all the parents took their kids out of the City for a better future. And this is a very good point to argue why there aren’t any kids in GTA 5.

Because Los Santos is a land full of drunk Mafias and psychopaths. Take Trevor for example.

4) Kids are Playing Indoor Video Games

This is quite a funny Theory. I found it on a forum.

It may seem funny, but it is one to consider. The author of this theory said a video game was being promoted in Vice city.

So his take is that children are indoor and playing video games. All in all this is the one of the reasons you cannot find any kid in GTA V.

My take is that it is not a very solid theory.

After all, how come all the kids are playing the same video game all the time?

And no one is questioning them?

However, If this is true, take me to Los Santos, where no one bugs the gamers.

5) Children are at a mysterious Hostel

So, this theory tells us that all the kids have left home for their education. This is because there are no schools or universities in GTA 5 map.

So, they left the town and will come back once they complete their education in search of job opportunities.

This seems by far the most satisfiable reason on why GTA V is not having any kids.

But, one more question arises, “Why are there no schools in GTA 5“?

When you think about no schools present in Los Santos, you can imagine the dark reality behind Los Santos’ liveliness.

6) Kids have gone to a vacation

Another solid reason is the all the kids have gone on a group vacation. Although it is hard to digest but still not a wrong reason either.

What do you think about this?

Do let me know in the comments down below.

7) Bad Influence on Kids

If you have kids, will you allow them to play a game like GTA 5?

The probable answer is no!

A kid seeing another kid in-game doing what he wants task may negatively affect a child’s thinking.

A child may think that tit is completely normal for kids to get bullied. I know it’s a bit too much. But, it is what it is.

8) Illegal Activities

GTA V social club

A kid murdering or bullying cops and people on the streets may incite a fantasy in a child’s little brain of doing the same thing.

And as kids are immature they may do this because everything seems fascinating and doable when we are young.

Disrespecting humans, getting involved in violence or damaging properties may seem cool at a very young age.

But we all know the difference between both the worlds.

Hence, no kids rolling in GTA V.

9) No sense

There is no sense of having kids. After all, what will they do in this game. Having children is not in the scope of this game.

What would you expect them to do?


And this is a fair opinion that explains the absence of kids in this game.


In summary, we saw the top 9 reasons that explain the absence of kids in GTA 5.

Some of this made sense, while others were not that solid that one can believe them.

But, here we are, still confused on this topic. We don’t know why are they no kids.

Let me know in the comments about what is your take on this topic.

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