Top 17 Best Games for Couples on PS4 – Couples Verified!

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Are you looking for the best games for couples on PS4? If yes, then you are in right place, my friend!

Playing games with your partner is a great way to show that you love and care of them. It means you actually want to spend quality time with them.

A fun fact!

Playing video games with your spouse or partner release hormones that will strengthen your bond for a healthy relationship.

This is the only article you need to read before purchasing your next PS4 game to play with your girlfriend or partner.

All the games I have discussed below will give you at least one game from each genre.

So, let’s see my 17 best fun games for couples on PS4.

In this Article, we'll see:

Best games for couples on PS4

Here are my top picks. The below mentioned list will provide you with all the genres in gaming.

1) The last Of Us – Part I


I have to put this game at the number 1 spot. There is a separate corner for TLOU in my heart. Be it music, graphics, or characters; you will be amazed by each of them. You can play this ps4 exclusive game with your wife or your girlfriend without getting bored.

The game starts on a very chaotic note. The world is coming to an end because of an infection that has spread all over the world. It makes people leave their homes and move to a safe location.

Amidst the apocalypse, you play as Joel. Soon, the game will take your character that is Joel, through unexpected turns. You have to fight dangerous survival groups, zombies and make sure that the survival of your camp is not in danger.

What makes TLOU beautiful are the cutscenes. These will make the game so much like a movie that you and your significant other can play and look at for hours.

2) The last of Us – Part II

Ellie last of us 2

TLOU II is the second part of the game we discussed above. Here, you will play as Ellie because of certain things that happened in part one. I will not tell them here, no spoilers. You can read the spoilers here.

The second part of the series depicts the apocalypse life as a new normal. You hunt down zombies, take supplies, and save your group from external intruders. And when everything seems to go smoothly, you will face a new and more potent threat than the zombies.

In the end, this game will make you cry. I bet on this part. Keep the tissues handy!

Know the detailed analysis of TLOU II.

The TLOU II was released recently, and I would strongly recommend you to play this game with your girlfriend or wife rather than the first part. The main reason is the quality of graphics and the music. Also, the characters are more dynamic than in the first installment.

3) Call of Duty Warzone

COD: Warzone is a free multiplayer game on PS4. And for the couples who like to dominate, they have to try this FPS game.

For couples in a long-distance relationship, you can team up and conquer the fields. With the recent update, you can also add a non-console player to your team.

COD is one of the FPS games most people like to play. This is the reason why COD is on my list because it is beginner-friendly and undoubtedly likable.

4) Minecraft

Minecraft Best games for couples on PS4

Minecraft is for nerdy couples or for those who like to create new things. With Minecraft, you can make or design anything. And the great thing is that it is entirely free to download.

Playing Minecraft is a great idea for couples with a PS4 or any console box.

Minecraft lets you uniquely have fun. And that is to explore your mind and make whatever comes to you. You have to collect resources, make valuable items, and kill zombies.

5) Ghost of Tsushima

Best games for couples on PS4 Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima is a samurai game that couples can play on PS4. It is one of the best samurai games I have ever played. The story combines in a beautiful way to an unexpected ending.

Check the full gameplay of Ghost of Tsushima here.

It takes you through the journey of a Samurai, Jin Sakai, who pledges to get back his uncle’s throne when Mongols invaded their island. This makes you the central character of the game.

The game has very bright and high-quality graphics. All these make the game even more immersive and breath-taking when you play it.

6) Gran Turismo Sport

If you have an extra piece of Dual Shock Controller, why not race against your significant other. It is one of the most fun things you can do together.

But wait, you can do a lot more when you have Gran Turismo. Yes, I know you want to play together. But sooner than later, you’ll get bored. And that is when the other formats of the game come into action.

If you don’t want to race against each other, you can take turns and complete the ‘Sport Mode

‘ or the ‘Arcade Mode‘. In these modes, there are multiple races available on various tracks against outstanding racers.

There are more than 150 cars and more than 15 maps to race on. You can also compete in the game against real players in the online mode.

7) Detroit become Human

Detroit become human best ps4 games for couples

Detroit Become Human is a game built around Fantasy. There are two kinds in Detroit – Humans and robots that look exactly like humans. Humans misuse robots in the city of Detroit to fulfill their own selfish needs. And for this purpose, there are different kinds of robots. Some are good at taking care of homes, while others are powerful and suitable for Security.

Check the full gameplay here.

We play this game in the shoes of robot characters. As the story proceeds, the game will give you choices about what you want to do with your character. Whatever choice you make will impact the ending of the game.

This game will be a lot of fun playing with your spouse or girlfriend. There is room for discussion about what you as a team want to do with the character at each step.

8) GTA Online

where is police station in GTA 5 maps

GTA Online might be the game for you as a couple on PS4. Besides playing the game, you can talk for hours in the GTA.

There are so many ways to play GTA Online. You can either do Role-Play or complete missions and heists. And this is the absolute beauty of GTA that it allows you to explore anything you like.

Try these out:

The possibilities in GTA are endless.

9) FIFA 21

best ps4 games for couples
Graphics are sick[FIFA 21]

FIFA 21 is a must-try game for couples. The game gives you chills like you are watching your favorite athletes score. And with a game so advanced, you are bound to have fun.

Play either as a team or on the opposite goalposts; this choice is yours. Whatever you do, make sure that you prepare yourself because you will get a lot of hate from your partner. It’s what my friends say.

Position your players and keep that ball on your side. That is the surefire way that you’ll score.

10) Battlefield V

best action ps4 games for couples
Battlefield V

Battlefield V is one of the best First Person Shooter games to play right now on PS4. For couples who are in desperate need of an intense action game, this one may be the right choice for you.

11) The Crew 2


The Unique thing about Crew 2 is that it lets you race, fly, or sail. The game is an open world, and you can go on free runs to complete side missions. It is one of the best car racing games.

It is one of the best games for couples on PS4. In online mode, you can invite your friends to race along. The game feels very smooth in terms of transition between each mode that is racing, flying, and sailing.

12) Fall guys: Ultimate Knockout

best funny ps4 games for couples

Fall Guys is a fun game for couples to play on PS4. You have to end in a specific range of players to prevent getting eliminated. At each round, players will get eliminated. And at last, the last player standing will win.

You can play this game on the same map as your partner does. Or see your partner play. Now, that is going to be a hell of a lot funnier than actually playing the game.

13) Batman: Arkham Knight

Any Batman fans, raise your hands because this game is for you to play as a couple.

In Batman Arkham knight, supervillains are back. You have to save the city against Harley Quinn, The Penguin, and the two face. Play as Batman and save the town without someone knowing your identity. The best thing is that you can now drive a batmobile.

The game is always going to keep you on the edge of your seat. It will help if you decide whether you want to attack or remain quiet.

14) WWE 2K20

WWE 2K20 is an action game present on the Playstation Store for you to download. The renowned game series is back with its latest release with significant new features and bug fixes.

I recommend couples should play this game because it can instantly lift your mood. Play against each other or as a team or start a new career as you see one another wrestle against the AI.

The new features also include the addition of famous characters, voice layovers, and breath-taking cutscenes.

15) METAL GEAR SOLID V: The Definitive Experience

Metal gear solid v ps4

Metal Gear Solid V is an exceptionally polished and well-defined open-world stealth game. It will make you focus so hard when you try to sneak inside a building or dodge the security that you’ll zone into the game.

You cannot make a noise; you just can’t. When I used to play Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater, I always remained prone. That is what happens when you give a kid such an advanced game.

If you as a couple want to enjoy a very rich gameplay, MGS 5 is a perfect pick for you.

16) Uno


Let’s not forget about how fantastic UNO can turn out. Invite your friends for a match, obviously your partner too. This game is entirely free as of now. The offer might not be that long. So grab the game from the PlayStation store.

And then decide whether you want to team up or play against each other. Sometimes a game so simple and straightforward can turn exciting than other high-end games. Who knows Why?

17) The Walking Dead

The walking dead is a video game series that revolves around an apocalypse where zombies have taken over the human race. It might be the end of humans and the beginning of Zombies as a new race on earth.

In the middle of all these, you are left to explore the world all on your own. The walking dead is a game that moves forward as you make different choices in the game. These choices will lead you to new roads and a different ending.

You will meet a lot of survivors in the game. Some will be friendly, while others will try to hunt you down.

Why I recommend this game is because it is the story mode. If you don’t want to engage in serious games and want to chill out, this game is perfect. There is not much for you to do rather than watch the story move forward.


In summary, these were the 17 best games for couples on PS4. This list has almost all the gaming genres you can ever play. I hope that!

Not to forget, have fun with your spouse or girlfriend. These games are going to keep you excited enough because of their unique styles.

So, decide which styles suits you as a couple and pick the game accordingly.

Lastly, let me know in the comments which game are you going to pick for the day or night?

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