Top 15 Things you should never do with your PS4!

Things you should never do with your PS4
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There are a lot of things you can do with your PS4. But, do you know that there are certain things you should never do with your PS4.

These things can give severe issues to your PlayStation 4. Besides, it may require you to repair it.

All in all, never do these things if you want your PS4 to run smoothly in the long run.

In this Article, we'll see:

15 things to avoid doing with ps4

So, let’s see the most common mistakes people make with their PS4.

As a famous quote says, ‘Learn from the Mistakes of others’.

1) Never Put your PS4 in a Crowded Space

Things you should never do with your PS4

It may seem obvious, but people always put their PS4 in a crowded space. It leads to improper airflow, which may cause your PS4 to overheat.

If you’ll check our article on ‘why is your PS4 overheating and how to fix it?‘, you will see overcrowding is one of the reasons for abnormal heating of the console.

And overheating is not good. Overheating shortens the PS4 lifespan. It may also give issues like ps4 turning off automatically when you don’t want it to turn off. What can be worse than that?

Leaving your PS4 to breathe in an open area while you play games on it is the ideal situation for you and your PS4. It ensures the proper ventilation and expels out unnecessary heat.

Next time you are going to play some games, check if your PS4 can breathe adequately.

2) Don’t Plug and Unplug your PS4 regularly

PS4 not turning on

Unplugging and Plugging means that you take all the wires out of the console box every time you want to finish playing games on your PS4. And then plug each wire in when you want to play again.

Never unplug and replug over and over again, as it can damage the wires and or ports of your console. The ports may become loose or come out of their space. Also, this process can damage the head of the wires.

If you are someone who games once or twice a month, you should follow the plug-and-unplug method. But for regular gamers, you should refrain from doing this.

3) Never Leave the Disk Compartment empty

The main reason for not letting the disk compartment empty is dust. Dust can enter from anywhere and sit in until you do something about it. In most cases, you won’t even know if there are any dust particles.

The dust can very easily get attracted to the disk compartment in the ps4. It is because of the material that it is made up of, all leading to catch most of the fine particles.

The dust inside the compartment can scratch the lens of the PS4 whenever you put a CD in it. It eventually shortens the PS4s healthy lifespan. And, a dusty lens will give you a horrible gaming experience.

Therefore, keep your PS4 loaded with a CD always.

4) Insert Unsupported Discs

Things you should never do with your PS4

Ok. This one is a bummer for many gamers because everyone wants to try their intelligence on illogical cross hybrids like this one.

But never insert disks that are made for, say, XBOX into your PS4. It can corrupt data files or even do some weird software tweaks with your system.

It happened with my PS3 when I tried to insert an XBOX disk in it. The lens got a bad habit of not reading the CDs correctly. And this left my pocket empty for months as I was a student back then. I still am a Student but much better than that.

5) Not Updating PS4

Not updating PS4 system software because you think it will load up or overheat the console is a scam. Such things don’t happen and will never happen.

Altogether, your PS4 will work more efficiently with recent software and game updates that come regularly. With each update, hundreds of bugs are fixed that you don’t even know existed in the first place.

The updates also secure your system from malware issues or attacks led by hackers. In both these cases, updating your PS4 system software becomes very crucial.

You can also reinstall the PS4 system software properly when the software becomes unresponsive or gives software issues.

But, before reinstalling the software, always create a backup of all your data.

If your system becomes laggy, try clearing the cache files on your PS4 to boost it’s performance.

Or try factory resetting the PS4 before reinstalling the system software because reinstalling is a lengthy process. It is quick and in most cases will work out very well for you.

6) Not Using a UPS/ Surge Protector

surge protector

Surge protectors play an essential role in areas of frequent power cuts and thunderstorms. Not using a UPS or a surge protector can leave your PS4 paralysed.

And it is a no joke.

In most cases, the power cord or internal hardware can get short-circuited or may burn.

7) Turning off PS4 when it’s On

One more thing to never do with a PS4 is turning it off when it is still on. You may be tempted to do so to save a few seconds, but your PS4 is not.

There is a proper way to turn off PS4 that ensures you don’t impose any damage internally or externally.

The damage here refers to:

One more thing to never do with a PS4 is turning it off when it is still on. You may be tempted to do so to save a few seconds, but your PS4 is not.

There is a right way to turn off PS4 that ensures you don’t impose any damage internally or externally.

The damage here refers to:

  • Files getting corrupted.
  • PS4 behaving abnormally.
  • Internal components getting unfunctional.
  • Data not getting saved properly.

8) Not Cleaning the Inside

Things you should never do with your PS4

You may clean your PS4 from outside a hundred times. But have you ever thought about cleaning the internal portion of your console?

I think you have not because as things get older, it’s value depreciates day by day.

And if your PS4 is more than a year old, there will be lots of dust and debris inside it. It is a common thing if you live in a dusty environment. The dust settled near the fans will hurt your PS4 the most because it will prevent the hot air from leaving the console.

It will lead to issues such as:

9) Never Cover your PS4 when Turned on

Another vital thing to mention is that you should never cover your PS4. There should be enough free space available to ensure proper ventilation.

You can cover your PS4 when it is not in use. It is a good thing to prevent any dust from going inside the console. But when it is on or if you are playing games, let it be open. It will ensure the proper circulation of air to and from the system.

Covering the PS4 will heat the device more often. This will lead to the problems we discussed in the previous section.

But as a rule of thumb, never cover your ps4 when not in use.

10) Stacking things over PS4

Things you should never do with your PS4
Image by Eli Digital Creative

Yeah! One more hack you saw on a random YT video on how to be space-efficient. By all means, it is space-efficient to stack things over the PS4 console.

You can put million different things such as games, other consoles, sound speakers or anything of your choice.

It not only saves space but also does wonders for your PS4. Some heat your console while others damage the internal hardware. So as you may have guessed, these wonders are not suitable for your PS4.

So, stop stacking things over your PS4.

11) Keeping your PS4 On

Keeping your PS4 on for extended periods is highly toxic for you as well as for your console. Everyone needs rest. It’s tempting to leave your PS4 on when your games are on cooldown.

Turn off your PS4. It is the best you can do to increase the life of your PS4. Not to forget, it avoids many other issues too.

12) Buying Expensive Addons

The more expensive the item, the better is the quality. Right?

It seems like it does not hold valid in today’s world where every company wants to have some extra cash flowing.

Sure, there are some fans for PS4 that are very good and expensive. But not everything you buy for your PS4 needs to be expensive. You can compromise on the cost without spending too much. It will help if you research a bit.

13) Not using a Vertical Stand

If you want to keep your PS4 in a vertical position, you must always use a stand. A proper well-ventilated stand.

It is essential because it helps your PS4 to stand firmly and strongly. Without a stand, the PS4 may fall off, damaging the console and hurting your pocket.

Another reason is proper ventilation. If your PS4 is standing because it is resting against the wall, you must check if any of the heat outlets are covered. In most cases, the vents will be covered.

To avoid any overheating issue, try using a stand.

14) Jailbreaking PS4

Installing random software or jailbreaking your PS4 is not a healthy thing to do. It does give you superpowers over your consoles, such as downloading games available on other platforms, some freebies, and many more things. But in the long run, it will hurt you most badly than anything.

You are vulnerable to get suspended by PS4 for violating their terms and conditions. There are be multiple issues that can happen with the software. You may get attacked by a hacker. All these will lead to a bad experience.

15) Cleaning it the Wrong Way

Cleaning your PS4 the wrong way may damage the internal components such as the power supply or the motherboard.

The water or the sanitiser may get inside the console if you over clean your PS4.

This is why you should never overdo the cleaning process and keep it simple. Just take a wet cloth and wipe the console with it. This will clean your PlayStation 4 by not damaging any component.


In conclusion, I hope this article helped you gain insight into some PlayStation Care tips.

All in all, these were the fifteen tips from my personal experience and observations that will help keep your PS4 safe and make it more future proof.

Lastly, If you have any other tips, do let me know in the comments. I will be more than happy to add them to the list.

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