The last of us 2 isn’t what you expect it to be.

Last of us 2
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The last of us 2 is the sequel of last of us by Naughty world and Sony entertainment released on 19 June 2020. The game takes us to a world of apocalypse where everyday life has gone back to nomadic life. In such times, people have set their own cities in a small area and life is all about survival than the luxuries. Amidst the tension, you play by the different characters having a unique past that led them to a place where we can play them.

It is nearly a week since the last of us 2 was released and the game has already sold 40 million copies. It has made this game a top seller for sony entertainment. But, this is not due to the graphics and breath-taking action that the game offers. It is very obvious that the game offers some very cool actions such as stealth killing and beautiful scenery as we move from place to place. Also, It has more to do with the storyline you’ll witness and the Protagonists like Ellie and Abby that set on the revenge.

Therefore, we have written down a detailed story of events that take place in the game step by step.

Please note that this article is going to have a lot of spoilers.

the last of us 2 spoilers

For those who don’t have much time checking our article, here is a list of spoilers.

  • Ellie finds out Joel saved her.
  • Ellie turns very cold towards Joel.
  • Abby is the daughter of the doctor whom Joel killed and she wants to kill Joel.
  • Abby kills Joel in very horrifying torture.
  • Dina gets pregnant by Jesse who later dies in the game.
  • Ellie seeks out for revenge.
  • Ellie kills all the friends of Abby except her.
  • Abby seeks out for revenge after Ellie killed her friends.
  • Abby nearly kills Ellie and Dina but spares them.
  • Ellie and Dina are in a relationship.
  • Ellie seeks out again for revenge as she is filled with memories of Joel.
  • Abby gets infected towards the end of the game.
  • Ellie and Abby engage in a brutal fight.
  • Ellie spares Abby and head back to Dina.
  • Dina had left the farmhouse with her child.

the last of us 2 cost is nearly about 4000 INR/$60

The last of us 2 characters

Firstly, we cannot play as Joel in this sequel of last of us. Instead, two new protagonists are Ellie And Abby. The story as a whole revolves around the lives of these two.

List of characters that we interact in the last of us 2 –

  • Jesse – Dina’s boyfriend and Ellie’s friend
  • Dina – Ellie’s girlfriend
  • Tommy – Joel’s brother
  • Joel – you know him
  • Nora – Abby’s friend
  • Owen – Abby’ s childhood friend
  • Daniel – Abby’s friend
  • Manny – Abby’s friend
  • Lev – A member of the Scars
  • Yara – A member of the Scars
  • Issac – Wolf’s leader

The last of us 2 game length is estimated around 20 hours but it might take longer based on how many times one repeats a particular mission.

The last of us 2 Gameplay

The Last of Us Part II - Screenshot INDEX
source –

Ellie’s gameplay in the last of us 2

Let’s start from the beginning where Ellie and Joel left. Joel lefts the hospital with Ellie and they stay in a city with his brother Tommy. All sails well until Abby is introduced. Abby is the daughter of the doctor who was supposed to retrieve anti-dote of the infected from Ellie. But, the condition was Ellie would die in this.

Therefore, Joel left the hospital killing Abby’s father. She came searching for Joel but got trapped by the infected. Luckily, Joel and Tommy helped saw her and helped to fight the zombies. Soon, she got to know that he was Joel and tortured him to death.

Ellie and Dina were patrolling the area nearby and rushed to check them when informed by Jesse. On reaching, they found Joel was being tortured by Abby. Ellie was beaten and could not do anything against the Wolf. Soon, Ellie lost her consciousness. Ellie found Joel dead on gaining her consciousness.

As Ellie was shattered, she insists Tommy that she’ll go after Abby and kill her. Instead, Tommy sets out alone in the night without Ellie and Dina. As they know, Tommy had left alone, they both set out in search of Tommy.

The Last of Us 2 - Ellie in boat
Ellie goes to fight alone || image credit –

Throughout the journey of Ellie and Dina, you’ll get to fight many infected and Wolf soldiers. As Ellie, you’ll get to find many people, who were present when Joel was being tortured, killed by Tommy himself. As story proceeds and Ellie and Dina rest in the Casanova, Dina tells Ellie that she is pregnant.

Ellie’s bond with Joel can be seen throughout the game

The Last of Us 2 -Joel
source –

In Casanova, Ellie remembers about the memories with Joel on her birthday. The way he took her to the space museum and the fun they had broken her even more. Next day, Ellie sets out all alone as Dina was not in good condition. Ellie finds Jesse who is all by himself trying to find them wanting to avenge Joel’s murder. Phew! Both head back to Dina where She went extremely glad to see Jesse making Ellie a bit jealous.

The story plays three years back when Tommy tells Ellie to be nice to Joel. Joel not telling and hiding from Ellie about what happened back in the hospital when she was unconscious kept her angry.

On putting some pressure on Joel, he tells her the reality and she is shook by this. After this, she never talked to him but Joel always tried to talk to her. Eventually, after a while things take a good turn but joel dies leaving Ellie guilty for not showing the love he showed her.

The story immediately rolls back to the current situation. Soon, Ellie reaches the hospital and kills Nora where she finds out that Abby might be in the aquarium. On reaching, she captures Owen and Mel and kills both of them when Owen tries to fight back. Jesse and Tommy find her and they head base to Dina.

Here, Abby appears killing Jesse and making Tommy a hostage

The last of us 2: Abby in action

The Last of Us Part II - Screenshot INDEX
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The character we play is changed when Abby captures Ellie and Tommy. This change is done to make us feel what we couldn’t feel playing Ellie. Like revenge that Abby took by killing Joel because he killed his father. Also, that vaccine that would have helped humans was not made because of the same reason.

As we play Abby and join Wolf’s side, we get to know the friends of Abby as we play with them. The story takes off when Daniel is killed by Owen. As Owen is missing and their leader Isaac sends a team to capture him, Abby goes alone in search of Owen. Owen had very fond memories with the aquarium and once showed it to Abby. Therefore, she goes there and finds him. When asked about Daniel, he says that it was an accident and nothing more. Lastly, he adds about going to Santa Barbara to join and regroup with fireflies.

Lev and Yara helps Abby

During the time of find Owen, Seraphites captures Abby. As she was being hanged, she gets saved by Lev and Yara who are members of the Scars. Abby helps Yara to find Lev as he escapes to find his mom. As they reach the island they find Lev after a killing lot of Soldiers. The twist begins when Isaac captures shots Yara down and tries to kill Abby and Lev. On the other hand, Yara who has been shot down hunts down Isaac by emptying the gun in him.

The Last of Us Part II - Screenshot INDEX
Yara kills Isaac||source –

When they reach aquarium to join Mel and Owen, they have already been killed by Ellie when we played her character. She finds a map left by Ellie and heads leaves for the casanova. Abby reaches casanova and captures Tommy and Ellie killing Jesse in between.

Tommy encounters Abby in the casanova

Tommy attacks Abby in return but Lev shots him with an arrow targeting his leg. Ellie and Abby engage in a deadly fight in which we as a player involve as Abby. Abby nearly killed Ellie but Dina comes in Between saving her. Lastly, the fight ends and Abby spares them and leaves with Lev for Santa Barbara.

The game continues nearly after a year or so where Ellie and Dina with baby JJ stay together in a farmhouse. we now play as Ellie and we move out to kill Abby as the last objective. On the other hand, Lev and Abby get captured and are put to prison by soldiers.

Ellie reaches the island and starts eliminating the soldiers one by one. As we proceed to the end of the game, Ellie frees all the prisoners captured. She enquires about Abby where we find out that Abby is bitten by one of the infected. she frees Abby hanging on a rope. Abby releases Lev and takes to safer area.

We challenge Abby for a fight and after no time we involve in a breath-taking scene which is mind-blowing to see. We as Ellie take the upper hand in this fight and spares Abby. Lastly, we see Abby taking Lev somewhere in the boat.

In the end, we reach the farmhouse to see that Dina has left with her child and game ends at this very point.


In the end, I don’t know how to describe the last of us sequel. It is an upsurge of emotions as you move from one character to the other knowing why they did that. Sony Entertainment and naughty dog have put a lot of thinking in making of this one.

Based on the story, I would recommend anyone to play this game. I liked the graphics, the drama, action and the suspense at each point. Lastly, it is interesting to imagine how last of us 3 will begin.

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