Perfect Team strategy in PUBG mobile to get 30% more WWCD

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Team strategy in PUBG or other battle Royale games can be defined as a division of different roles among teammates and implementing the assigned roles in different combats. Accordingly, in a battle or two, the roles might change but the essence of your roles help you gain a clearer vision in the longer run. Therefore, we should know the team strategy and the different roles that will help us in almost every Battle Royale game.

If we are having a squad that communicates well with each other and consists of a variety of players from beginner to advanced, then the division of roles and team strategy in PUBG becomes very important.

A team that is surrounded by multiple teams from both ends, dividing our roles can come in handy quite a lot in tight situations like the one mentioned. Also, for a team of four players, a maximum of four roles can be chosen. To know more about these roles in detail let us jump straight into the article presented to you by Bolt Gamer.

Why we should have team strategy?

1) To avoid confusion

Most probably, confusion in a tight situation may cause our team to lose a match and could cost game rank. Having pre-defined roles helps in a smooth flow of gameplay and eases us along with our teammates. On multiple occasions, a team might get trapped in a situation where chances of winning combat are rare. These fatal mistakes should be of opponent and not us.

2) To enjoy our leisure time

More often than not, playing PUBG/Battle royale games with our team should bring us joy. Moreover, it should make us confident about the skills we have and one’s ability to pull close games. Not knowing what our teammates are doing is a frustrating thing and will make anyone lose interest rapidly. Trust me!

3) To improve one’s gameplay

Also, having a team strategy in PUBG will make anyone focus better on a particular style and will reinforce gameplay skills related to it over different matches. After a period of time, we will get to know the real us and decide if we are comfortable with that role or not. This way one can proceed in a systematic way to achieve a role that is suitable for him/her. In addition, to improve your gameplay, check our article here which provides easy tips and tricks for better gameplay


Different roles in a team divided among four players





1) Leader

leader in pubg

A leader can be defined as a person who takes charge of the situation and pulls the game even in most stressful situations. Every team deserves a leader that can plan out things in the most sensible way. A team lead is well equipped with the knowledge of different Strategies in different maps and implementing the most favourable one in the ongoing combat. A good leader mostly makes important calls such as attacking, defending or to retreat. Generally, the Leader is the most experienced person among the four members. The role of a leader is extremely crucial and must be chosen after playing a few games together with your squad. A good leader must be chosen with all the members satisfied else another person might strategize in a way that can prove fatal for your teammates.

some key attributes of a leader

  • Accessing the situation.
  • Keeping calm within the squad.
  • Proper communication skills.
  • Listen to other team-mates opinion.
  • When and from where to attack.

2) The sniper

sniper team trategy PUBG mobile

Sniper does the initial work of spotting the enemy teams and determining the number of player in each one of them if there happens to exist multiple teams. So, a good Sniper should carefully exercise the best time to knock down the enemy player and get one or more players to lose out on their armour aka the vest and the helmet. Also, the biggest armour of any sniper is Stealth. A sniper must hide its location and attempt multiple knockouts to ensure that his/her team is in a better position before other members can perform a successful evacuation and clearing the enemy location.

In case of any knockout of own teammate, the sniper must quickly access the situation and knock out the opponent. While the other team members rush, a sniper must sit at a long-range and give constant information about the enemy position and take quick action if enemy attacks from behind. Therefore, a sniper must have both stealth and accuracy.

Some key attributes of a good sniper

  • Quick and stable hands.
  • Patience when required.
  • Higher Headshots percentage.
  • Involved in direct communication with the fragger.
  • Makes an initial call to retreat if the opponent has overpowered the team. 


fragger team strategy

The riskiest job among all of the mentioned roles is probably of the fragger. Fragger serves as the first support for a team. Fragger is the one with most kills in any game and has the primary role to clear the area by killing any possible enemy in close range. After the leader gets the location of enemy teams from the sniper, the leader makes a plan and it mostly has to be executed by the fragger and the support. In case of multiple knockouts made by the sniper or the leader, the fragger has to rush to the spot and clear the area. Therefore, high speed and quick actions are key qualities of any good fragger in addition to the below-mentioned traits.

Some key attributes of the fragger

  • First, one to deal with the opponent team.
  • Within the grenade reach of the enemy.
  • Master of close combat and recoil control.
  • Typically moves Fastest across the enemy position.
  • Coordinates mostly with the team sniper to get the enemy location.
  • highest K/D ratio.


support team strategy in pubg

The Support provides assistance to the team members and particularly the fragger. Mostly, the support moves behind the fragger and collects med-kits, bandages, first aids, painkillers and energy drinks for team members. If in a close battle, fragger is knocked down, the support kills the enemy and revives the fragger. Moreover, the fragger also keeps a closer look if there is an attack by the enemy team from behind their back. The fragger is responsible for driving the car and taking teammates to the desired location. In case of retreat, the supports keep the car ready if the enemy team has overpowered his/her team and drives to a safer location while other teammates revive their health. The fragger must cook grenades and throw them at the enemy if in a building. In addition, it is best recommended to keep the least experienced player in the team as support. 

Some key attributes of the Support

  • Revives knocked down players
  • Provides teammates with medical assistance.
  • Keeps his/her eye if there is a sudden attack by the enemy team from behind.
  • Typically joins the squad to get better by looking at other’s gameplay.
  • He provides cover fire when the team rushes to enemy position or safer location.
  • he/She has lowest K/D ratio.

Now its your turn to find a clan that is good enough and try atleast one team strategy in PUBG.

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