How To Set Up A Gaming Room Like A PRO

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Have you ever wondered what goes in creating an awesome gaming room?

Well, there goes a lot. It is a never-ending process. Trust me! There is a lot of brain-storming required to plan each aspect.

But, I can guarantee that at least 89% of you are going to get a basic idea to build your first gaming room ever. Furthermore, we will discuss all the major gaming room decor ideas.

Now, let’s jump in.

Let’s get the basics right for your new gaming room setup

Space – Your room needs to be spacious. Firstly, the reason is devices require some area to cool down. And, you cannot put furniture or storage options in your first game room. Therefore, the room should have an ample amount of space.

Budget – This is the first thing to plan before anything. So, sit down on a desk. Then, calculate the cost of each article. And, sum it up.

I think around $1200 – $1500 is good enough to build an excellent gaming room.

Question yourself – Do you have enough time? Will you play regularly?
Take your time and ask yourself some real question?

Since building a room for gaming could be a huge decision, you need to question yourself first.

How to setup gaming room/gaming room essentials

After getting the basics right, let’s build your first gaming setup.

1) Clean your area

How many of you thought of this?

Cleaning your room is one of the starting steps in setting up a cleaner gaming environment. So, take everything out of your room. Then, reach out to every corner and clean it. Or maybe even change the flooring.

Also, you could repaint the room. New paint could give your room a fresh vibe as a whole. But, don’t go haywire over the colours. White or light grey colours work just fine.

2) A gaming desk is the first requirement of a gaming room

Gaming desk
A Gaming desk

A good enough gaming desk will cost you between $100 – $200. According to the dimensions of your PC, you can purchase one or custom build the table.

Now, you can position the gaming desk in the middle or corner of a room. The position depends on the space and number of tables.

You can choose either an L-shaped setup or a single table setup.

1) Single gaming table setup
works best when:

  • You have a small room space
  • single monitor setup
  • Personal gaming
  • You have just started in the gaming world

1)L-shaped gaming table setup
works best when:

  • The room has broad connecting corners
  • You have extra room space
  • You have Multiple monitor setup to you PC
  • It is preferable if you are a streamer

2) Gaming PC

gaming PC

Your gaming PC is the focus of your gaming room. It can either make or break your gaming experience.

So, what to do about the PC?
Generally, there are two options. You can buy or build your PC.

You can check my free step by step guide, where I explained how to build your personalised gaming PC.

3) Gaming Monitor(s)

gaming monitor(s) for gaming room
Gaming monitors setup

This topic is simple, right?. Well, No!

Most gamers struggle when choosing their first monitor. The reason is that there are a lot of things to consider like size, resolution, refresh rate, panel type, ports, HDR and what not. It’s a lot.

With monitors in mind, let’s get started.

There is a vast size range in this section. But, the two most common sizes are 24 inches and 27 inches edge to edge. A 24″ display is enough to give you decent gaming experience.

Now, let’s talk about some specifications. These are enough to provide you with some basic features you can opt.

The most basic monitor you should buy for gaming should be Full HD with 1920 by 1080 resolution and 75 Hz refresh rate. You can also purchase a 60 Hz monitor. But, it is not advisable as the games are getting heavier with recent updates.

For a mid-range budget of around $150 – $200, the best option is to buy a 144 Hz refresh rate monitor with full HD IPS display.

There are a lot of options in the market. New brands are emerging with better price and quality. Therefore, you need to do some research on this. Go to the stores and try out your hands on them.

4) Console table

console table for gaming room
Sturdy Console Table for Gaming Room

I don’t know why I love console tables. But, they do add a spark to your whole gaming room. You can put your gaming console and a ton of decorative items. A console table offers a very premium look to a gaming room.

But still, should I buy a console table?

The answer boils down to space in your room and your taste.

A gaming console setup idea is to place only the gaming consoles and the controller on the table.
Anything other than decor items will downgrade the purpose of the table.

5) Storage options for a Gaming room

Storage for a gaming room
This is a cute storage option

This one is obvious. But still, let me suggest some ideas for storages.

Try wall hanging storages for your gaming CDs. They look good and take the minimum area.

Also, for storing large boxes, you can use a dustbin.


Furthermore, You can try making some drawers that fit into your gaming desk. And, this can act as a space for large boxes. Plus, all the extra cables can rest in there.

6) Gaming Router

I get asked a lot about this. Should I buy a gaming Router?

Now, what is the difference between a gaming router and a regular router?

A gaming router makes sure that all the gaming devices get the best connection. It also makes sure that you do not suffer from lag. Other than that, all the functions are the same as that of a regular router.

The only downside to gaming routers is that these cost a fortune.

7) Gaming Chair

Gaming chair for a gaming room

Buying or not buying a gaming chair is a very tricky question. Some question that I faced were:

  • Should I buy a Gaming Chair?
  • Which gaming chair should I buy?
  • Is a gaming chair for a small room worth it?
  • What is a good gaming chair?
  • Do I need a Gaming chair?

And I am sure that you must be facing the same questions right now.
Buying a gaming chair is a worthy choice only if you are a serious gamer. Or you sit a lot like 4-5 hours on a single stretch.

These are some points to keep in mind while buying a gaming chair.

  • Lumbar support
  • Pillow quality
  • Finishing
  • Breathability
  • flexibility
  • 4D Armrest
  • The base material of the gaming chair( plastic
    VS metal)
  • The upper material of the game chair (Leather VS fabric)
  • heat transfer(should be high)

Few gaming room decor ideas

Let’s have a look at some cool game room decor setup. These are some things to make your gaming setup better. These decor ideas can take your game room to the ultimate game room.

1) RGB LED lights for a well lit Gaming room

RGB led lights for gaming room
RGB speaks for itself

The RGB led lights are one of the must-have gaming decor items. These lights give your game room a whole new gaming vibe.

You can put these behind your gaming desk or under the bed. Another option is to place these gaming lights behind the monitor screen.

Also, these LED gaming lights set a mood for your room. You can try out various colours to best suit your gaming mood.

2) A plant or two, maybe

Plant for gaming desk

A plant is one of the gaming room essentials. I have included three plants in my gaming room setup. They don’t have to be huge. A simple pot plant would do the work of decorating your video game room setup.

Also, plants keep your room healthy and breathable. Furthermore, these resources help to maintain room temperature.

There is a wide variety of plants that set as a gaming room decor item. You can check my gaming bedroom idea for plants.

3) A rug to soften your video game room setup

A gaming rug
Focus on the RUG!

A rug acts as a 2 in 1 combo. It not only decorates your video game room but also soundproofs your game room to some extent.

Importantly, a rug adds style to any game room setup.

4) Humidifier

Many gamers might argue on this one. But, a humidifier is a game room essential.

But how, right? Let me explain this.

A humidifier sprays water droplets that are necessary to counter the heat released by the PC.

And, it can act as an excellent game room decor as they come in different sizes and shapes.

5) Personalised Gaming Logo

Gaming logo

If you aspire to become an online streamer or an esports player, you need to have your gaming logo. It adds a personal flavour to your gaming room setup. And it motivates you to keep moving forward.

You can make your gaming logo for free at canva. Simply, choose ‘create a design’ option to get started.

6) Photo – Frames

gaming room ideas frames

If you do not wish to create a gaming logo, you can purchase some photo-frames. They are cheap and come in a lot of options. Also, they provide a decent gaming room wall decoration.

7) Sound Absorbing panels

Sound absorbing panels are a crucial part of game room accessories. These help to reduce echo and provide a rich gaming experience.

In a room where the walls are covered or not flat, there is no need to put these soundproof panels.

8) Pinterest is a goldmine for Gaming Room ideas

pinterest ideas for gaming room
Pinterest for gaming room setup and decor ideas

Do you know that there are at least a million gaming room ideas on Pinterest?

The crowd on Pinterest is very high quality. Also, the variation in game room ideas is quite good.

Just go to Pinterest. And then type in gaming room ideas or gaming room setup or gaming room furniture. You will find a lot of unique ideas related to each topic.

You can thank me later.


In conclusion, it is possible to fit a gaming room at home. A gaming room setup requires patience and proper planning. Also, your PC gaming room should not be too congested. Have some free space available.

Furthermore, upgrade your gaming setup from time to time. It may be overwhelming at first but take it one step at a time. Lastly, I hope this article helped you in getting an idea about gaming room decor and setup.


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