PS4 Not Turning On? Reasons & Troubleshooting Tips!

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PS4 not turning on
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Last week, my year-old PS4 Refused to turn On. My PS4 not turning on when I wanted to play so desperately felt like a huge headache.

I did some research as anyone would do. And after hour-long troubleshooting on how to turn on my PS4, I found out that my power supply component inside the console was damaged.

I fixed it obviously!

In the process, I read a lot of articles and watched tons of YT videos. And I noticed that there can be several reason that your Play Station is not turning On.

Some can be fixed by software tweaks, while others need  Component Replacement. The most common part that can get damage is the Power Supply Unit. We will discuss this more later.

All in all, there were many mind freaking reasons.

After my PS4 got repaired, I thought many people might be facing this issue. So, why not help them to fix their PS4?

But firstly, avoid making any of these 15 mistakes with your PS4. Avoiding these will benefit you in the long run.

Now, back to the topic.

In this Definitive guide, we will see that why is your console facing trouble?

After we have seen all the possible reasons of what might be disturbing the machine, we will go deep.

And try to troubleshoot the sleeping beauty.

Top Reasons why your PS4 Is not turning on!

As I mentioned, I saw a tons and tons of research.

And I found out that the following are the most common reasons your PS4 is not turning on.

Let’s break them one by one.

1) Broken or Damaged Cables

This is a very common reason why most PS4s do not Turn on.

If you have kept your PS4 in a stiff position, checking all the cables could possibly help. In a very tight setting, the wires of your PS4 can start to break externally or internally, or both.

Check if:

  • The wires are not twisted.
  • Look for any worn-out wires.

What’s the solution?

Replace any damaged wire with a new one. And make sure wires are not twisted as they can wear out the cables again.

2) Damaged Ports

PS4 not turning on

Checking for any broken Port was a real challenge for me as my year old PS4 accumulated a lot of dust in the Ports.

Therefore, the first step you should do is clean all the ports and get rid of the dust. Then, inspect each & every Port very closely. Then observe the pins of the console.

The ports can burn out in case of irregular power supply. It is common if you live in a power fluctuating area.

See if:

  • Any port is damaged.
  • Are your ports burned out? May happen during lightning.
  • Any Pin is twisted or not In place.

What’s the solution?

If your Pins are damaged, it is best to take the console unit to a repair center. You can do it yourself also.

But, the chances are you will make it only worse.

Don’t Panic and Head to an authorised Sony repair Center Tomorrow. Sleep for the night.

3) Faulty Wall Outlets – PS4 not turning On

I saw this on a Video.

What this means is the wall outlets where your PS4 plug goes may not be in a proper working condition.

What’s the solution

Try to plug in the Power Cord in a different wall outlet.

4) Faulty Connection

This may happen if the Power cord is loose and not sitting inside the PS4 port.

What’s the solution

Try to insert the Cord tightly inside the Pins. Make sure that the AC power cord does not come out on its own.

5) Power Supply Issues – Component Can be damaged

PS4 not turning on

The Power Supply unit Present inside the PS4 Console is an excellent reason to consider that your PS4 is not turning on.

If you have checked everything at this point and cannot find any of your console issues, I think your Power supply unit has short-circuited.

Short-circuiting inside a PS4 console Box can happen due to several reasons. The most common being the bugs. Bugs can accidentally act as a connection between two terminals on the electronic board. When a bug is in contact with two terminals of a board, the terminals get short-circuited.

This is very hurtful because you did nothing wrong. And still you have to pay for someone else’s consequences.

what’s the solution


Just get your PS4 checked. Replace if any part is damaged or electrocuted.

6) Damaged Internal Components

Another reason that your PS4 is not turning on is because of damaged internal parts.

Internal components can get damaged due to several reasons—one of them is short-circuiting. The broken internal parts are painful to figure out. And generally take most of the time.

What’s the Solution

Instead of figuring out how to open your PS4, please take it to a repair centre.

7) The Power Button is not in contact with Circuit

PS4 Troubleshooting Tips

Have you ever dropped your PS4 console by mistake?

or, is the Power button seems loose or a bit dangly to you?

If yes, then the chances are high that the Power button is not in contact with the part of the circuit board. It generally happens when the power button outside the PS4 has lost its connection with the internal circuit.

In this case, nothing cannot be done from your end to fix it.

what’s the solution

Go to a repair shop.

Troubleshooting – PS4 Not Turning On?

We discussed some of the fundamental reasons why your PS4 is not waking from its deep sleep.

If your PS4 boots up to the Safe mode, it means that your issue is related with Software glitches.

In this case, we will enter Safe mode and try trouble shoot by following methods.

How to Enter Safe mode on PS4?

To enter the Safe mode on your PS4, long-press the power button till you hear two beeping sounds.

Once you are in the Safe Mode, troubleshoot by following options:

PS4 not turning on

1) Restart PS4

The first method is to restart your PS4. It is self-explanatory. Just a Hard restart to your PS4.

Restarting can help if the PS4 has stopped responding due to cache memory being fully occupied. this may result in bottleneck.

Here is how you clear the cached files on PS4 and boost its performance.

If this does not work, then go to the safe mode again and focus on the Next method.

2) Update System Software – PS4 not turning on Troubleshoot

In this step, we will update the Software system of your PS4. The software update can be a quick fix if there comes a random bug in the software.

Check for any latest updates and update if you haven’t updated your system software.

To update the system software, follow these steps.

  • Go to safe Mode.
  • Then, click on ‘Update System Software‘.
  • Next select ‘Update Using Internet‘.

Check if your PS4 is turning on.

If not, then proceed o the next step.

3) Rebuild Database

Many times files get corrupted due to number of reason. This can happen due to:

  • Improper file formatting.
  • When a file is not saved successfully.
  • Viruses or malware attacks.
  • Bad Media files.

Rebuild database will delete all the corrupted files on your PS4. It might take some hours to rebuild the database.

Do not worry as it will not delete the captured files. Also, it is recommended to use this feature every once a while.

Check your PS4 after doing step. If the problem Persists, proceed to the next step. We got work to do!

4) Initialise PS4

This step must be only taken when nothing works out. This will erase all the data on your PS4.

When the ‘Initialize PS4‘ completes, all the files on your PS4 will be deleted, no matter if it is a safe file or a corrupted one.

All your saved games will be deleted, but you can re-download them by logging into your account. But the game progress will be wiped.

I have a step-by-step guide so that you can Factory reset your PS4 properly without losing any data or destroying your PS4. It will take you through the entire process.


To summarise, there is a high chance that your PS4 is not turning on because:

  • Damaged Internal Components
  • Short circuit in the internal component.
  • Corrupted Internal Data Files
  • Not enough Power Supply
  • Broken Power Supply
  • Internal Short-Circuit
  • Damaged cables
  • Loose Wires

You can try to troubleshoot using the Safe Mode in PS4. Or, by the tips mentioned above.

But, do not go into mechanic mode and crack open your PS4. It is best recommended to take your PS4 to a well-reputed repair Center.

And if you successfully fixed your PS4, let me know in the comments what the real problem was.

In the process of fixing my PS4, the lesson I learned was to properly turn Off the PS4. Because my power supply got boomed!

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