Where is each Police Station in GTA 5?

where is police station in GTA 5 maps
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Police station In GTA 5

Is there someone coming right at you in GTA V online? In that case, my friend, rush to the nearest Police station in GTA 5 because you can get kidnapped!

Or I might be overthinking a lot. Maybe, you just want to become a cop in Grand Theft Auto 5. And help out the cops with their tasks.

Whatever be the case, you want to go to the police station.

No worries, let’s see some of the Police Stations in Grand Theft Auto 5 on the map.

let’s go!

Police Stations In GTA 5

GTA V Police Stations Map

Police stations in GTA 5 Locations

In the above picture if GTA V map, you can even see the Sheriff’s Police station.

GTA V Police Station Locations

As you can see in the map, there are eight Police Stations located in GTA V.

These are:

  • Vinewood Police Station
  • Rockford Hills Police Station
  • Mission Row Police Station
  • Vespucci Police Station
  • Mission Row Police Station
  • Davis Sheriff’s Police Station
  • LA Mesa Police Station
  • Sandy Shores Sheriff’s Police Station
  • Paleto Bay Sheriff’s Police Station


So, here are the exact locations of the police stations in GTA 5.

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Lastly, I hope this article helped you to locate a police Station.

If so, tell me in the comments.

Some FAQs!

1) Can I go to police station in gta 5?

Yes, you can easily go in the police Station. But, do not go much deeper inside the police station as it can raise your wanted level upto three stars.

2) How do you get in the police station in GTA 5?

You can simply enter the police station through its main entrance.

3) Can you fly over Police Station?

Yes, but you’ll only get a three star wanted level.

4) Where is the police station in GTA 5 on the map?

There are specific location on the map in the above article that shows all the GTA 5 police station locations.

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