6 Lost Ark Tips & Tricks to start strong at La

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Lost Ark

As one of the newest MMOs for Western consumers, Lost Ark quickly became a favorite among fans of the genre and newbies alike. Thanks to its simple controls and straightforward fighting, it’s a game that everyone can get into.

However, for those new to MMORPGs, Lost Ark can be intimidating. Even if you’re a seasoned gamer, you should know a few things before diving in, and you can also look for Battlelog’s undetected Lost Ark hacks before starting.

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Tips to Start Strong at Lost Ark!

1) In The Lost Ark, What to Do With Extra Gear

You’ll run into a lot of adversaries as you explore Arkesia. Because these adversaries drop a lot of loot, your inventory will quickly fill up with it. The temptation to hoard one’s weapons and armor is all too strong.

There is, however, no real advantage to keeping additional armor. It simply occupies a small amount of room in your already restricted inventory, and it’s easy to get rid of. Extra armor can be dismantled for powder, which you can then sell. These tips are handy for those who have not yet reached level 50.

2) Unlock Your Free Pet Right Away!

It’s important to remember that unlocking your pet is a guide quest requirement. You’ll receive a tutorial mission involving a rabbit at the beginning of the game, and it simply takes a few minutes, but you’ll get a free pet.

In Lost Ark, pets are pretty helpful

, especially in the game’s early stages. Pets have the advantage of immediately looting everything for you. If you don’t have to click on every little thing that drops, this is a huge time saver and an excellent quality of life benefit.

3) Don’t Forget to Climb Up!

Much more convenient than in other games, mounts in Lost Ark are handy. Your support is unlocked early on in the game, and you’ll be relying on it virtually constantly from that point on.

In Lost Ark, getting on a horse is as simple as pressing a button, yet the extra speed that a horse provides is enormous. It can be easy to forget if you are traveling within a short distance, but it’s usually always worth it to mount up.

4) Repair Your Equipment All the Time

In terms of damage output, repairing your gear makes a huge difference. As you continue through the game, the bosses should not get increasingly tricky; instead, they should rema in on par with your current level of skill and expertise. The blacksmith may be necessary to detect that your damage output is falling short.

Major cities, as well as a few minor locations, have blacksmiths available. Using your map, search for the anvil icon to locate them. To restore your armor’s strength, you only need to pay a minimal sum in silver, and this will maintain you in peak physical condition for the next fight.

5) Utilize Your Special Access Codes

Enemies don’t just drop armor and healing potions. Secret Area Keys, which look like scrolls, can occasionally be found. Maps to a secret location can be found in these scrolls.

In most cases, a secret dungeon can be found near the location where you find the map. Some adversaries and a boss fight await, both of which offer the opportunity to obtain powerful equipment.

Most of the time, it’s superior protection to what you’d find nearby. As a result, doing secret dungeons as you acquire keys is a good idea, and for the reason that your loot will be better utilized.

6) Thoroughly Review Your Capabilities

Check through your class’s abilities thoroughly before deciding on a strategy in Lost Ark. As you go through the game, you’ll have access to a vast range of character customization options.

It’s easy to overlook that several interactions have a more significant influence. Using a talent that briefly paralyzes an enemy offers you the opportunity to cast a long-lasting spell, and you can’t mix them until you grasp how they work entirely. As a precautionary measure, it’s a good idea to check for any hidden bonuses or debuffs.


When visiting Arkesia for the first time, use these Lost Ark tips & techniques. It’s a no-brainer to give this MMORPG a chance, especially since it’s free to try out. Don’t forget to tell us which course you’re taking in the comments section!

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