How to switch characters in GTA 5 on PC, PS3, PS4, XBOX?

How to switch characters in GTA V
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switch characters in GTA V

GTA 5 is one of the best open-world games out there. And I will say that again and again until GTA 6 is released. The reason is simple that you’ll never get bored in this game. Use cheats, play missions, or even switch your characters in GTA 5.

And even if that is not exciting enough for you, become a CEO in GTA 5.

There is a lot one can do in this game. For me, this game has eaten away hours on end. It is one of my guilty pleasures.

Anyways, I’ll not go on about how much I love this game. We’ll just discuss changing your characters here.

So, let see how you can too change your character and play either Trevor, Franklin, or Micheal.

How to change Characters in Grand Theft Auto 5?

There are mainly three characters in GTA V. These are:

  • Trevor
  • Franklin
  • Micheal

Although their stories have been different, in the end, all are criminals.

GTA V character Trevor

Trevor is a mentally unstable guy who is always intoxicated, i.e. on drugs. His life includes all the highs and lows. He started as a military pilot. Then, a weapon dealer. And he is finally forced to work under a FIB agent.

GTA 5 character Franklin


is a tough guy who wants to do extensive in life. But, fate has turned different for him, making him just a petty criminal.

Trevor GTA V character

Micheal has my sympathy. He used to rob banks and left robbery for his good. But, a lack of good and caring family has pushed him again back to his dark roots.

How to switch Characters in GTA 5 on PC?

Switch characters in GTA 5

Okay, so lets change your GTA 5 character on PC step by step.

Step #1

Press and Hold left ALT on your keyboard.

Step #2

A box appears as shown in above picture.

Step #3

Choose either one of Trevor, Franklin or Micheal.

Step #4

Let the Alt you are holding have some air.

How to switch characters in GTA 5 Story Mode on PS3 or PS4?

Changing character in gta 5 is same on both PS3 and PS4.

Step #1

Hold the down D-Pad button or directional pad on your controller.

Step #2

Use Right Joystick to change and choose a character.

Step #3

Leave the D-Pad and enjoy.

How to change characters in GTA 5 Story Mode on XBOX?

Step #1

Hold the downward D-Pad on your controller.

Step #2

Use the right Joystick to choose any of the character in GTA while still holding the D-Pad down.

Step #3

You are good to go.


Here you go, now you can too play with different GTA characters.

And if you want to dominate the city with any of these characters, I have a gift for you.


Lastly, feel free to drop in if I missed anything.

Also, tell me in the comments, which of the three characters in GTA V is your favorite?

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