How to Properly Turn Off PS4 and Increase its Life.

turn off your ps4
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One thing I constantly remind my gamer friends is to switch off and unplug the devices that they play games on. In this post, let me tell you why and how to properly turn off PS4?

Not properly turning your PS4 off is one of the 15 mistakes you should definitely avoid with your PlayStation console.

So, why should you turn off and unplug your gaming devices?

  • Save electricity and consequently money.
  • To protect your PS4 as Power surges may damage the Power Supply.

Furthermore, the estimated money you can save by turning off your d and securing the internal units is a BIG


You can calculate this amount by looking over the prices of repairing a PS4 in your local area.

In this Article, we'll see:

How to Turn Off the PS4?

You have two ways to switch off your PS4. One of the ways uses a controller, and the other does not require a PS4 controller.

Let’s see both of the methods one by one.

IMPORTANT TIP – After you switch off the PS4, check our step-by-step guide on how to clear cache memory on PS4 to improve its performance by 33%.

How to switch off PS4 with the Controller?

turn PS4 off
  • Press and hold the Play station button.
  • The Quick Menu will pop up showing different modes.
  • Then, select the ‘Turn Off PS4’ option.
  • The play Station button is a round and present between the two joysticks.

How to turn off PS4 Manually Without a Controller?

This is a pretty easy method. So, head straight to your console Box.

turn off PS4 without controller
  • Grab your Play Station 4 console Box.
  • Find the power button below the Sony logo.
  • Long press the Power button
  • After few seconds, PS4 will automatically turn off.
  • Leave the Power button

How to Turn Off the Dual Shock Controller?

After we have successfully turned off the console box, it is time to properly turn off the Play Station 4 Controller.

We will see two methods.

Method 1

How to turn off PS4 controller
Image by Ricarda Mölck from Pixabay

This is the simplest method and widely used also.

In this, you need to hold your PlayStation Button on your controller for 10 seconds. The PlayStation button is located between the two Joysticks. It is round in shape.

You can confirm that your Dual Shock Controller has turned off by looking at the light strip present on its front panel.

Method 2

Let’s see this method step by step.

Step #1

Open the quick Menu on Play Station 4.

Step #2

Go over to ‘Sound/devices‘ option in the Quick Menu.

Step #3

Then, go down to turn Off device.

Step #4

Select the device you want to turn off.


Time to conclude this article. We saw:

  • Why should you turn off and unplug your console?
  • How to do it?
  • And We saw three ways of doing so.

Lastly, tell me in the comments if this article was helped you out. And whether if you are going to use the recommended method.

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