How to Make White Concrete in Minecraft?

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how to make white concrete in minecraft
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White concrete is a handy decorative item in Minecraft. Not only decorative, but it is also used to make buildings. For this and a few more articles, we’ll discuss concrete in Minecraft. So, lets us see how to make concrete in Minecraft.

To be clear, there are various types of concrete powder and concrete that you can make in Minecraft. These are:

  • Gray concrete
  • Black concrete
  • Purple concrete
  • Green concrete
  • Red concrete
  • Blue concrete
  • Yellow concrete
  • Lime concrete
  • Purple concrete
  • Pink concrete
  • Green concrete
  • Orange concrete

You can check all go them if you like. But, in this article, our focus is on crafting white concrete powder in Minecraft.

How to make White Concrete in Minecraft?

Making white concrete starts with crafting white concrete powder.

Firstly, let’s see the crafting material required to make white concrete powder. After that only we can make a concrete.

So, let’s start with the crafting material required.

White concrete powder crafting Material

Minecraft White Concrete Crafting recipe

In this part, we will see the crafting recipe of white concrete powder in Minecraft along with proper steps.

1) Craft Bone Meal

The first item you need to craft is the bonemeal. The bonemeal is the central part in making the white concrete powder.

To get the bonemeal, we need to collect bones. Skeletons randomly drop the bones once you kill them. So, kill some Fire Skeletons and collect the bones they drop occasionally.

2) Collect Crafting Material

Next, you will have to collect the primary crafting material. Crafting recipe of white concrete powder requires sand and gravel.

You can easily find sand and gravel besides water bodies. Collect at least four of those and move to the crafting table.

3) Making White Concrete Powder

Once you have collected all the mentioned crafting material, it is finally time to see the crafting recipe of white concrete in Minecraft.

Place the Bonemeal crafted in first step in the middle spot of the crafting table. Next, place the sand and gravel was shown in the given picture.

4) Place the Concrete Powder on Water

How to Make White Concrete in Minecraft?

As we now have the concrete powder ready, it is time to make concrete. To make concrete in Minecraft, you need to place the concrete powder on water. Once you have set the concrete powder on water, proceed to the next step.

5) Use Pickaxe to collect the White Concrete

Now, use your pickaxe and start knocking the concrete you have placed on water. Check your inventory and place the concrete block at any place your choice.

What is the use of white concrete in Minecraft?

Concrete, in general, is a very useful decorative item in Minecraft. It can be used to:

  • Make Bridges when you put them on water,
  • Build shelters or buildings,
  • as a decorative item along with other colored concrete blocks.


Here you have it. This is how you can make a concrete powder or concrete in Minecraft. Once you know the crafting material and recipe of concrete, it is just a matter of seconds till you can craft your own goods.

Lastly, I hope this article helped you out. If so, then, do let me know in the comments.

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