How to make Soul Lantern in Minecraft?

How to make a soul lantern in minecraft
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One great thing with Soul Lanterns or Soul torches in Minecraft is that you can place them in your Ice castle as it does not melt ice. After we saw how to create a Simple Fire Lantern, sea lantern, and the Jack O’ Lantern in Minecraft, it’s time to know how to make a Soul lantern in Minecraft.

The soul torch is special. It drives away the Piglins by scaring them. In certain cases, it can also attract peaceful mobs. It never happened with me. I just found this on reddit.

So, without wasting any time, let’s get into action.

How to make a Soul lantern in Minecraft?

Making a Soul Torch or a Soul Lantern in Minecraft is very easy. And with this definitive guide, it is even easier than ever. Let’s see how.

We will discuss the crafting material required, where to find it, and how to arrange the materials on the crafting table.

All this, step by step.

Soul Lantern Crafting Material in Minecraft

The thing with crafting lantern is that you need to collect and craft some basic material before we finally assemble all the items in the crafting table. These are:

Minecraft Soul Lantern Recipe

Now, don’t worry if you don’t know how to begin with the process of crafting a Soul torch or a Soul lantern. It is rather very simple. Just follow the steps below.

1) Collect and craft Basic Crafting Material

craft sticks in Minecraft

Collect any wood and create planks that will be enough to make sticks. A stick is a very fundamental part of making lanterns or torches. Sticks are baisc both to make soul torch and Soul Lantern.

Next, move deep into the ground and collect iron ore. Mainly, we’ll be using iron ore to make iron nuggets. To make iron nuggets, first, create iron ingots. After producing iron ingots, iron nuggets can be obtained, as shown in the image above.

Similarly, you can easily find coal below the ground. The use of coal in Minecraft is to light the torches.

2) Collect Soul Soil

Soul soil in Minecraft

Soul Soil is what makes a soul torch and a soul torch is what is used to craft a soul lantern in Minecraft.

To collect and gather Soul Soil make sure you are at Nether in soul sand valley . This place is characterized by a very eerie and scary environment.

3) Craft Soul Torch in Minecraft

How  to make soul torches in Minecraft

How to make a Soul torch in Minecraft? Collect basic crafting material that is coal, sticks and soul soil. Then, place all these items in the middle column of the crafting table as shown in the image. You can immediately see a torch with blue flames.

4) Follow the Soul Lantern Recipe in Minecraft

How to make soul Lantern in Minecraft

We are finally prepared to make soul Lantern. In this step, we are required to place the gathered material on the crafting table.

Place the Soul torch in the middle of the crafting table. Then, fill the remaining spots with iron nuggets.


In conclusion, this is how to create a Soul Lantern in Minecraft. But don’t forget that there is a vast list of lanterns you can create in Minecraft like:

  • Basic Fire Lantern
  • Soul Lantern
  • Sea Lantern
  • Jack O’ Lantern

The primary aim of this article was to hand you the crafting recipe of soul lantern.

Lastly, I hope this article helped you out. If so, then do let me know in the comments. And don’t forget to check our Minecraft Category designed especially for Minecrafters.


1) Where to find soul soil in Minecraft?

To find soul soil in Minecraft, go to the Nether in Soul Sand valley.

2) How to make a Soul Torch in Minecraft?

The recipe to craft a soul torch involves placing sticks, coal and Soul soil in the middle column of the crafting table. The flame of soul torch is blue in colour.

3) What is recipe of Soul lantern in Minecraft?

Place the soul torch in the middle spot of the crafting table and surround it with iron nuggets.

4) What is use of Soul lantern in Minecraft?

A soul lantern is used to scare away piglins and spawn peaceful mobs.

5) What are crafting materials required to make a Soul Lantern?

The basic materials required to make Soul lantern in minecraft are woods, sticks, iron nuggets, coal, iron ore etc.

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