How to Make Paper in Minecraft? – The Absolute Guide

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Paper is one of the essential items in Minecraft. It is not used directly, but it acts as a critical material to craft other things—for example, books, maps and fireworks. Therefore, in this detailed guide, we are going to see how to make paper in Minecraft.

Firstly, we are going to have a look at the materials required to craft a paper. Then, how to assemble those materials and where to place them.

All of these steps are important. Therefore I Request you to stay till the very end of this guide.

How to make Paper in Minecraft?

So, let us begin the main work and start by having a look at the items we need to craft or gather.

Materials Required to make paper in Minecraft

1) Make sure you have a 3X3 Crafting Table

In Minecraft, you need to have a crafting table. A crafting table that has three rows and three columns. Without the crafting table, you are not equipped to build better items. Therefore, before you start anything in Minecraft, collect some wood and build a brand new 3X3 table on which we will craft items.

2) Collect Three sugarcanes

make paper in minecraft

Sugarcane is the critical component to make paper. Sugarcanes can easily be found near water bodies or rivers. Cut and gather at least three sugarcanes so that we can put em up on the crafting table. You can cut sugarcane by simply interacting with it.

3) Arrange the Items on the Crafting Table

make paper in minecraft

As you have a crafting table and some sugarcanes, put the sugarcane on the crafting table. One method is shown in the above image. As soon as you put the sugarcanes in a sequence, you will obtain three papers. Pull the paperback to your inventory to store them. This is how you get paper in Minecraft.

How to make paper in Minecraft without Sugarcane?

As of now, there is only one way of making paper in Minecraft. And that is by using sugarcanes. You cannot make paper without sugarcane. Correct me if I’m wrong.

What is the use of Paper in Minecraft?

Here are the reasons that we are going to need paper in Minecraft:

  • Paper can be exchanged with Minecraft currencies.
  • It is often useful in making maps.
  • Paper is used to make books.
  • Paper can be sold to the Librarians.


All in all, these are the materials and steps to craft paper step by step. I hope you find it helpful.

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