How to Make an Anvil in Minecraft? – Faster!

How to make an anvil in minecraft
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An anvil is as essential as a crafting table in Minecraft. Just as a crafting table is used to make items, an anvil is used to rename and repair various types of equipment. For instance, you can repair a bow using an anvil in Minecraft. Therefore, it is finally time to see how to make an Anvil in Minecraft?

Not only crafting an anvil, but we are also going to see how to use an Anvil. So, without wasting any time, let us jump straight into crafting our first-ever anvil.

How to craft an Anvil in Minecraft?

Now in this section and its subsequent sub-sections, we will see everything about creating an anvil. Whether it be the crafting material or crafting recipe, we are going to cover it all here.

Crafting Material required to make an Anvil

Don’t worry if you do not know how to make iron blocks or iron ingots. We will be discussing them in the next section.

Minecraft Anvil Crafting Recipe

1) Gather 31 iron ores

Iron ore is most commonly found in bedrock. Just dive deep into the ground, and you’ll find iron ore in no time. One way to find iron ore is to pick up your pickaxe and go into a cave. Mostly, a cave is going to have iron ores waiting just for you.

I hope you get the idea. But, if you don’t get the idea, here is an article for you that’ll help you locate iron ores.

Make sure to collect at least 31 iron ores if you want to make an anvil.

Now, let us see what’s next?

2) Craft 31 iron ingot

How to make iron ingot in Minecraft?

After you have gathered 31 iron ores, it is time to go back to your furnace and craft 31 iron ingots. Collect some coal and put in the furnace along with iron ores.

3) Make 3 iron blocks

How to make iron blocks in Minecraft?

How to make iron blocks in Minecraft? Making an iron block in Minecraft is pretty straightforward. Fill up all the spaces in the crafting table with iron ingots. This is how you will get an iron block. An iron block typically takes nine iron ingots.

Ensure you have crafted three iron blocks before you proceed to the next and final step of making an anvil.

4) Crafting recipe of Anvil Minecraft

How to Make an Anvil in Minecraft?

Okay! It is finally to reveal the crafting recipe of anvil in Minecraft. Are you excited?

Go to your crafting table and place three iron blocks in the first row. After that, put iron ingots at their respective places, as shown in the given image.

Congratulations, you have crafted you first ever anvil in Minecraft.

But wait, don’t leave this article. There is yet another important thing to know about. And that is how to sue an anvil.

How to use an Anvil in Minecraft?

Anvil, as we saw before, can be used to both repair or rename items

in Minecraft. Now, let’s look at how to use it.

Anvils are used to create enchanted items in Minecraft. For example, in my previous articles, I showed you how to make an enchanted bow. You can find the link to that article at the start of this article.

Anvils do not just create stuff. They can also be used to repair various items in Minecraft that you wish repairing. For example: enchanted swords and bows.


In summary, this is how you can make an anvil. You need to arrange three iron blocks and four iron ingots on the crafting table, as explained above.

Also, I hope this article helped you out. If so, then do let me know in the comments. And don’t forget to check out our Minecraft Category that is perfect for beginners and advanced Minecrafters.


1) What is the crafting recipe of an anvil in Minecraft?

The crafting recipe of the anvil is quite simple. You need to place three iron blocks and four iron ingots. Then, place these two crafting materials as shown in the image given.

2) Is anvil worth it in Minecraft?

A Huge Yes. The anvil is the only repair tool that can repair various enchanted equipments without losing their enchantments. Alongside, it can also be used to rename & repair various utility equipments.

4) Do anvils break?

Yes. After you have used an anvil a certain number of times, it will break off.

4) can you move an anvil in Minecraft?


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