How to Make a Cake in Minecraft?

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Minecraft is a great game where there are no limits to what you can make. So, why not discuss how to make a cake in Minecraft? After all, everyone deserves to have a cheat day!

So, stop whatever you are working on in Minecraft and let’s bake a cake. Despite looking good, a cake can refill upto 14 hunger points.

Making a cake in Minecraft is easy. And with this step by step guide, it’s even easier than ever.

Make sure to craft a 3X3 crafting grid in Minecraft, and we are good to go.

Items required to make a cake

Before starting with baking a cake, there are few essential items we need to gather to complete the recipe. These are:

  • 3 X 3 Crafting Table.
  • Two sugars (Made from sugarcane).
  • Three buckets of Milk.
  • An egg.
  • Three wheat.

All the required items are found easily in your surrounding area. Now, let’s see how we can get all these necessary things and where. And after all these required items are collected, we can arrange them together on a crafting table to make a cake.

Steps to make a cake in Minecraft

Now, let’s see the step-by-step formulae in Minecraft that will make you a cake to enjoy.

Step 1: Build a farm(optional)

Making your farm in Minecraft is accessible and helpful. It will give you all the essential items to make a cake in a single place. Otherwise, you may have to roam around the whole map to find them.

The farm is not necessarily what you exactly need. But having a diverse farm will ease your job of finding all the items. Not only cake, but many other things will depend on the farm animals directly or indirectly.

In summary, do build a farm!

Step 2: Collect an egg

collect an egg in minecraft

How to get an egg in Minecraft? It’s simple. Just look for a chicken. Chickens in Minecraft randomly drop eggs after 5-10 minutes. Make sure to pick it up because eggs will disappear within a specific time.

Having a farm may prove quite helpful here if you have a lot of chickens in it. You can be sure that you will find an egg without any hassles.

Step 3: Obtain three buckets of Milk

To get milk in Minecraft, search for a cow or mooshroom. Hold an empty bucket in your hand and interact with it. This is how you get milk from cows in Minecraft.

And to make a cake in Minecraft, we need three buckets of milk. So, find a cow and milk it three times. You can easily milk a cow by using the default controls whether you are playing on a PC, console, or any other device.

Or check up your farms and pick any cow to milk. You can milk a cow multiple times.

Let’s proceed to the next step.

Step 4: Make Two sugar from sugarcane

how to make a cake in Minecraft?

To bake a cake in Minecraft, we need two blocks of sugar. Sugar can easily be crafted from sugarcane. But first, we need to collect two sugarcanes.

Sugarcanes can be found near water, just like wheat is located near the soil. Long and dense sticks characterize sugarcane in Minecraft. You can see in the above picture.

Once you have collected sugarcane, go to your inventory and place them on the crafting table to make two sugar blocks.

Let’s see the next step. We are getting closer.

Step 5: Harvest Three Wheat

how to make a cake in Minecraft

Wheat is another very crucial component of making a cake in Minecraft. Pick three blocks of wheat and keep them in your inventory.

You can grow wheat from wheat seeds. Tallgrass has 30% chances of giving a wheat seed upon cutting. Make sure that you plant a wheat seed only on the soil, which is brown.

After you have collected three wheat blocks, keep them in your inventory and proceed to the next step to craft a cake finally.

Step 6: craft a cake in crafting Menu

how to make a cake in Minecraft?

After you have collected the items and crafted some of them, the next step is pretty simple. 

Put all the items on the 3X3 crafting grid in the following sequence.

  • Place three buckets of milk on the first row.
  • Keep sugar, wheat & sugar on the second row.
  • Place three blocks of wheat on the third row.

Step 7: The cake is ready!

We have successfully made a cake.

Now, let’s see how to eat a cake in Minecraft?

How to eat a cake in Minecraft?

eat a cake in Minecraft

To eat a cake in Minecraft, put it on a table or a surface. Then, simply interact with the cake with a click to eat a slice out of it. You cannot eat a cake when holding it.


Time to wrap up the article. All in all, we saw how to make and eat a cake in Minecraft. Cake in Minecraft is excellent to sweeten things up. It adds variety to the monotonous gaming style of playing like a robot and just building things.

One more thing I want to add is that you cannot stack up the cakes.

Lastly, I hope this article helped you out. If so, do let me know in the comments.


1) Why can’t I make a cake in Minecraft?

If you cannot make a cake in Minecraft, either you do not have all the required items or you have placed them in a wrong way in 3X3 crafting grid. Be sure to have three wheats, two sugars, an egg and three buckets of milk before placing them on the crafting table.

2) what are the items required to make a cake?

These are four essentials to make a cake in Minecraft. It includes an egg, three buckets of milk, three wheats and two sugars made from sugarcane.

3) How many hunger points cake fills in Minecraft?

Eating a cake in Minecraft can fill upto 14 hunger points of your character. Sounds interesting enough?

4) Why Can’t I eat a cake in Minecraft?

To eat a cake in Minecraft, first place it on the ground. Once the cake is on ground, eat it by tapping it over and over again. And that is how you can eat a cake in Minecraft.

5) What do you use cake for in Minecraft?

Cake is used to fill up the hunger points in Minecraft. You can eat cake by placing it on the ground.

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