How to buy a Garage in GTA 5?

how to buy a garage in gta 5
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how to buy a garage in gta 5

In my previous article, I showed you how to buy a car in Grand Theft Auto Online. But, if you do not want to lose your new car, you need to buy a garage in GTA 5.

This is one of the purchases you need to make in Los Santos.


You can sell your car if you do not have enough money to buy a garage as there is a high chance that someone will steal your car. And you will lose your car too.

A good strategy is to buy a cheap garage with low storage in the beginning. Later, you can sell your garage in GTA

to upgrade it to a more spacious one.

But for beginners, there is no need to spend huge on garages.

Instead, buy an office and become a CEO. This way you’ll be able to make money and go on your own missions.

There are various garages in GTA 5 that you can locate on the map.

Let’s see them all and get you a new garage.

In this Article, we'll see:

How to buy Garage in GTA 5?

Take care of two things before you buy a garage.

  • Garage capacity
  • Total cars you have.

There are different garages that can store a fixed number of cars. Some can store 2 while others take in more than 2 cars.

As the storage increases, so does the cost.

How to Get a Garage in GTA V Online?

Follow these steps and get your own garage in no time.

Step #1 – Open Internet

Buy garage in GTA 5

First, you need to open your phone and go to the internet. There you can find various sponsors advertisements.

Step #2 – Go to Dynasty 8 Real Estate

Dynasty 8 real estate

Locate Dynasty 8 Real Estate.

The Dynasty 8 Real Estate is responsible for selling properties in GTA V Los Santos and Blaine County.

You may have seen their boards outside different buildings as well.

Step #3 – Look for Properties

Buy garages in gta 5

click on ‘Look for Properties‘ Tab.

Step #4 – Locate Garages to buy

Now, on the map, you can see different properties and their prices.

Find a garage and check it’s storage capacity.

Pick one out the most suitable for yourself.

Step #6 – Buy a garage in GTA 5

Click on the purchase option to buy the garage.

Step #7 – Go to your new Garage!

purchase property in gta 5


You have successfully bought a new garage. Store your precious cars in there.

As you get cash flowing in your bank account via various sources, make sure to upgrade your garage.


In conclusion, you must have a garage in GTA Online if you do not want your cars to disappear.

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Before I sign off, tell me in the comments how this article helped you out?

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