Here is How you Factory Reset PS4 PROPERLY!

how to factory reset ps4 and ps4 controller?
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Factory Reset PS4

Whether your Play Station 4 is giving you some severe software issues or if you want to sell it, you should definitely factory reset PS4.

This is a crucial step you must perform before selling your PS4. Or someone will reap the fruits of your hard work. Just Kidding! But you get the point.

Another reason, as I mentioned earlier, is Software Issues, or Glitches, or bugs. If you feel like your PS4 is lagging or not responding from time to time, it is a great time to reset your PS4 to factory settings.

The need for this article comes to as most people struggle with properly resetting their PS4.

My friend recently tried to factory reset his PS4 and lost all of his In-game progress. I will not let that happen to you!

It would be best if you stuck till the very end of this article.

So, without any further due, let’s see how you can factory reset your PS4 without making any mistakes.

Things to do before Factory resetting your PS4

things to do before factory reset PS4

There are only two things to do before resetting your Play Station 4. And that are backing up your Trophies and saved games.

All of your saved games and trophies will be deleted if you do not create a backup for them.

Therefore, let’s create a backup for them.

1) Backup your saved Games on PS4

Backing up saved games if you want to reset your PS4 is easy. Just follow along with these steps below.

Step #1

How to Factory reset PS4?

Power on your PS4.

Then, find and click on the settings


This will show all the various things you can do on your Play Station 4.

Step #2

How to factory reset PS4 faster?

Scroll down until you find the ‘Application Saved Data Management‘.

Click on the option as shown In the Picture and proceed to the next step.

Step #3

Next, we will get four options that shows us where our saved data is present. Or in simple words, what are the locations where our saved games live.

Depending on where you save your games, choose that option.

For most of us, we usually save our games in the System storages.

Click on the ‘Saved Data in System Storage‘.

Step #4

In this step, we either upload our game to the cloud storage. Or we can also copy it to the local storage devices such as USB.

For now, we will click on ‘Upload to Online storage‘.

Step #5

backup games before factory reset PS4

Here, you can choose all that games you wish to create a backup for.

To select all the games, click on the ‘OPTION’ button on your Dual Shock Controller.

Then ‘select multiple games‘.

Step #6

free space up by resetting your PS4

And then ‘Upload‘.

At this point, you can be assured that all the saved games have an online backup.

2) Backup your Trophies on PS4

Backing up your trophies is relatively easier than backing up the games. Let’s see the exact process one by one.

Step #1

Go to trophies on your PS4 account. Here, You will see all the trophies on your PS4 that you have gathered in all the games.

Step #2

Next, click on the Options button on the DualShock controller.

Step #3

A Menu appears showing different actions you can do.

You need to select ‘Sync with PlayStation Network


Step #4

PS4 factory reset

Syncing will start and you’ll be good in no time.

After you have done these two steps, we will now proceed to resting your PS4 to its factory settings.

How to reset PS4 back to Factory Settings?

When you face software issues such as low responsiveness or continuous lagging, resetting your PS4 is not the best thing to do initially.

The first step is to clear cache memory on PS4. Clearing cache memory instantly gives your PS4 a performance boost.

You should try different settings that the Safe Mode offers.

Try these First if you are having Software Glitches by going to safe mode:

  • Restart the PS4.
  • Update System Software.
  • Rebuild Database(removes corrupted files).

These three are the quick and effective troubleshooting tips you can use.

The absolute need to reset your PS4 comes when you want to sell your PS4, or it is giving some severe Software glitches.

Let’s see the different ways you can reset your PS4 step by step.

1) How to Factory reset PS4 without Safe Mode?

Firstly, make sure you have made backup of your Saved games and all the trophies.

Next, follow my steps as I go on explaining them.

Step #1

The first step you need to so is to turn on your PS4. And go to the ‘settings ‘.

There you can find several settings.

Scroll down to ‘Initialisation.’ You need to use this option to reset your Play Station 4.

Step #2

After you enter the ‘Initialisation‘ settings, you will see three options here.

  • Clear Learning Dictionary
  • Restore Default settings
  • Initialize PS4

As we are going to factory reset your Play Station 4, click on ‘Initialise PS4

Step #3

Next, you should select how do you want to initialise or factory reset your PS4.

There are two ways you can do this:

  • Quick Initialise
  • Full Initialise

It is recommended to go with ‘Full‘ Initialise because Quick initialize will not completely delete the files on your PS4.

Whereas the Full Initialise will remove every single data file from the hard disk.

Therefore, always go with Full Initialise option.

Step #4

Select Initialise.

Step #5

After a few hours, your PS4 will get complete factory reset.

It is better to leave your PS4 reset overnight because it is a very long period.

2) How to Factory Reset PS4 in Safe Mode?

You can also factory reset your PS4 in safe mode. This is very useful when the Play Station does not give any o/p.

How to enter Safe Mode, you may ask?

Follow the steps mentioned below to enter the safe mode on your PS4.

  • Turn off your Play Station 4 console.
  • Long Press the Power button until you hear two beeping sounds.
  • Plug in your Dual Shock Controller to the Console box.
  • Next, Press the Play Station button on the Controller.
  • You are now in the Safe mode.

Once we are in the Safe Mode, we can easily Factory Reset our PS4. Find the steps below.

Step #1

Enter Into the Safe Mode using the above steps.

Step #2

Make sure that you have a backup of all your saved data. If you have followed along with this entire guide, there is no need to do that. Chances are you have already done that.

However, if you have jumped to this portion, check the first heading of the article. It will explain how to create a backup of your saved games and trophies earned.

Step #3

Next, find and locate the Initialise option after you enter the safe mode.

The ‘initialise’ PS4‘ option will wipe all the data on your Console box Hard drive. The purchased games can be re-downloaded by logging back into your account.

Press ‘initialise PS4‘.

Step #4

Click on confirm and wait for the changes to propagate. It may take several hours. So, leave your PS4 to reset while you do other things.

3) How to Factory Reset PS4 Controller?

Once your Factory reset is complete, resetting the PS4 Dualshock Controller is not a bad idea. We should reset all the components before handing them to someone else if you want to sell your PS4.

It can also fix issues such as:

  • Controller not pairing to PS4.
  • Flashy light bar.
  • Controller not working.

So, let’s do it!

Step #1

Find the reset hole on the back of your PS4 controller.

Step #2

Use a pin and hold it inside the reset hole for 10 seconds.

Step #3

Your PS4 dual shock controller has now been reset. Pair it back by connecting the USB cable to the PS4 Console.


Also, check how to reinstall PS4 system Software. It will take you through all the required steps you need to take without messing up with the saved games or files.

Also, avoid any of these mistakes with your PlayStation 4. These are going to hurt you the most in the long run. These issues are related to software, hardware, and how to avoid common issues most gamers face.

In conclusion, we saw the real need to reset your PS4. And two ways to reset your PS4. they were:

  • Resetting using default way.
  • Factory resetting using safe mode

I hope this short guide was enough to help you out. And if not type in the comments what issues are you facing.

Make sure to let me know in the comments the way you are going to use when resetting your PS4 or PS4 pro.

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