Here is How to Make a Lantern in Minecraft!

How to make a lantern in minecraft
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Lantern is a very important piece of resource in Minecraft. It has a light level of fifteen which is much better than torches. Since it is better than a torch or most illuminating objects, you need to collect and craft more materials to make a lantern in Minecraft.

The materials required to make a Lantern in Minecraft are easy to find. You do not need to worry about that. But, your significant amount of time will be spent in collecting useful resources and tweaking them. So, buckle up my friend.

Also, there are three types of lanterns in Minecraft. These are:

With the above two points in mind, let’s make a lantern.


How to Craft a Lantern in Minecraft?

In this section, we will have a look at the material required to make a Lantern.

Finally, we will look at the each step to craft and make a lantern.

Materials Required to Make a Lantern

required material to make a lantern in minecraft

Here is a list of materials you need to collect to make a lantern in Minecraft.

  • Any type of Wood.
  • Coal.
  • Iron ore.

The wood is required to make planks and sticks. Similarly, Iron ore acts as a basic material to craft iron nugget & iron ingot. Therefore, collecting some of the basic material becomes necessary.


Make sure you have a 3X3 crafting Table and a Furnace available beforehand.

Lantern Recipe in Minecraft

Here is the complete step by step recipe to make your own lantern. Follow the steps to collect and craft important materials to make your first ever lantern.

1) Collect Basic Material

As we have seen and discussed above, the primary material is essential when trying to craft things in Minecraft. For our purpose of crafting a Lantern, we need to collect the following primary material.

  • Wood,
  • Coal,
  • Iron Ore.

You can collect wood from any tree. Any wood will work perfectly fine. Next, Coal and Iron Ore are primarily present underground. With a little bit of search, you can find both coal and Iron Ore too. Just dive deep into the ground.

2) Craft Required Material

This step is relatively simple. You need to craft valuable items that we are going to use to make our first lantern. For this step, we need a 3X3 crafting table and a Furnace.

make a lantern in Minecraft

Feed the wooden blocks to the crafting table and make wooden planks. In this way, you’ll get four wooden planks.

make a lantern in Minecraft

Now, use the wooden planks crafted in the last step to make sticks, which are required to make torches. And the torch is used as a crafting material to make a lantern.

At this very point you may have noted, each material works as a basic building block to craft some other advance material or object.

make a torch

Use coal and a wooden stick in Minecraft to craft a torch.

make a lantern in Minecraft

Now, we are going to put coal and Iron Ore in the Furnace. Doing this will give us an iron ingot—another vital material to make a Lantern.

So, for this step, we are going to smelt Iron ore to obtain iron ingot.

3) Use Iron Ingot to make Iron Nugget

required material to craft a lantern


We are very close to complete our process of gathering the required recipe material to craft our very first lantern in Minecraft. This is the last step before we finally move to the lantern-making recipes in Minecraft.

Now, I want you to put the Iron Ingot on the crafting table. Putting Iron Ingot on the crafting table will yield iron nuggets. We need nine-iron nuggets for our crafting requirements. 

4) Arranging materials to make a Lantern in Minecraft

Make an iron nugget

Now, pull that torch we made to the crafting table. Make sure to place the torch in the centre position. Once you have placed the torch in the centre, surround it with iron nuggets. You can see what I am trying to say in the above image.

Congratulations!!! We have now successfully crafted a Lantern in Minecraft.

Where to put Lanterns in Minecraft?

Alright, I hope you liked the journey of crafting a lantern. But, the question is where to put these illuminating objects and what is a Lantern’s util ity. Is it just a decorative material or something more? Let’s see it here.

A lantern’s leading utility along with acting as a decorative material is to light up the darkness in the night-time. It has got a light level of fifteen which is much larger than a soul lantern. Also, the lantern’s illuminating power is slightly more than torches. It’s hard to differentiate. A plus point you get with lantern is that it can be hanged whereas torches cannot.

You can place lanterns in the following regions.

  • Either, Hang lanterns from blocks, fences, or,
  • keep lanterns on the ground.


Here it is, your lantern in Minecraft. Place it as per your wish. No one’s stopping you. But, do not forget that you can also make a soul lantern, Sea Lantern, or a Jack O’ lantern in Minecraft as well. You have many choices.

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Lastly, as always, I hope that you liked this article. If so, then do let us know in the comments.

Quick tip – If you feel like Minecraft is lagging on your system, try allocating more RAM to Minecraft servers whether you are on MAC, Windows or an emulator.

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Happy Minercafting!!!


1) Can you hang a lantern in Minecraft?

Yes. The lantern can be hanged from fences or blocks. This gives them a look of a streetlight.

2) Are lanterns better than torches in Minecraft?

The lanterns are better than torches in every aspect. A lantern can be hanged and has more illuminating power.

3) How do you hang a Lantern in Minecraft?

To hang a lantern in Minecraft, you need to go near a fence or a block with lantern in your hands> Then, simply interact with your controller to hang the lantern.

4) What is recipe of lantern in Minecraft?

The recipe to make lanterns in Minecraft is fairly simple. Put a torch in the middle of crafting table and surround it with nine iron nuggets.

5) How can I make lantern in minecraft 1.13 java?

You cannot make a lantern in Minecraft 1.13 version. To make and craft lanterns, you will need java version 1.14.

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