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Ghost of Tsushima Trailer


The Sony Interactive Entertainment(SIE) has finally released The Ghost of Tsushima gameplay along with the collector’ edition. The Samurai game is already in top charts after the last of us sequel. Importantly, the PS-4 samurai game revolves around the time when Mongols invaded everything on their way.

The established Clan of Lord Shimura was facing a tough time against the Mongols. One day, the Mongols finally imprison Lord Shimura. Also, his best Samurai Jin Sakai was severely injured.

Jin Sakai or Lord Sakai in the ghost of Tsushima is the nephew of lord Shimura. Jin’s father died when he was very young. To him, his uncle was his family and trained him. But, the situation is different after the Mongol is in the power of Tsushima.

People of Tsushima are losing hope as their leader is imprisoned in his own castle. Moreover, Samurais are getting killed making Tsushima weak as never before. What will be the fate of Tsushima amid these tense situations?

 Everyone should know below mentioned lesser-known Tales of Tsushima.

If you consider reading about the side tails and the mythical tales of the Ghost of Tsushima, check out this really engaging page by Powerpyx.

Ghost of Tsushima Collector’s Edition

Ghost of Tsushima collector's edition
The Collector’s edition for the Ghost of Tsushima

The collector’s edition of the Ghost of Tsushima comes in a large wooden box. The PS-4 samurai game offers unique items in its collector’s edition. The Ghost of Tsushima collector’s edition cost is around $170.

The main items that comes in the wooden box are:

  • Gathering storm – It is the most exciting section of the collector’s edition of Ghost of Tsushima. It contains the ghost mask that was made by Taka. Also, you will find a stand for the ghost mask in this very section.
  • Birth-right – The section includes a badge.
  • Leader of the people – You will find tsuba for Katana on opening this section of the box.
  • The CD – This space holds the actual game CD. Underneath the CD, there is a map imprinted on a cloth.

Check out the full collector’s edition here.

Ghost of Tsushima gameplay: The Main tales

1) The Warrior’s code

Ghost of Tsushima gameplay
Source – Playstation

The gameplay of Ghost of Tsushima begins when Jin wakes up in an unknown house. Formerly, Jin was wounded fighting Mongols in the battle. 

Jin wakes up and finds out that he has lost his armour and sword. On looking around, he meets Yuna who saved his life after he went unconscious in the battle.

Yuna is a bold and determined thief willing to do whatever it takes to survive. She has been extremely protective of her brother Taka. Yuna told him that she sold his gears for food and medicine.

She asks Jin to save his brother from the Mongol prison. As a result, both sneak from the Mongol area to get back the sword that Yuna traded for food and medicines to save Jin.

After getting his sword, Yuna asks him to save Taka. But, he goes straight in the face of Mongol leader Khotun Khan and challenges him for a contest. He loses the fight with Khotun and falls off the bridge.

In the gameplay of Ghost of Tsushima, the story revolves around different times. The samurai remembers the way his father died in front of him in combat. Afterwards, his Uncle honoured him with his father’s Katana in childhood.

Now, as he swims back to shore, Lord Sakai finds Yuna again. 

2) The tale of Sensei Ishikawa

Soon, Jin realises that he needs allies to defeat the Mongols massive army. Both Yuna & Jin decide to meet at Alamo bay where Taka could be imprisoned.

The tale of Sensei Ishikawa is all about gaining the trust of teacher named Sensei. So that, we can gather an army to free Lord Shimura and drive the Mongols back.

For this reason, Jin helps him to find his student in Tsushima gameplay. Tomoe is a top-notch archer and has gone missing since the Mongols invaded.

They reach Fort Nakayama to find her in Mongol prison camps. But, a peasant acknowledges them of the fact that she has joined the cover of Mongols.

By the end of the ghost mission, we gain our first ally in the PS-4 samurai game.

3) Blood on the grass

blood on the grass
Jin meets Ryuzo

This tale of the Ghost of Tsushima is about investigating Tsushima for battle clues.

As we travel to the coast by Kishi Grassland, we find a burning cart next to which is a straw hat. On further searching, blood trials of Mongol soldiers led us to a remote location. 

The scene starts with a man fighting and killing soldiers. The person turns out to be Jin’s friend Ryuzo. 

On travelling, Jin asks Ryuzo to join his side to help him fight enemies. But, Ryuzo declines his request as there is no food for his clan.

In this case, Ghost of Tsushima gameplay demands us to attack port Ohira. Only this way we can gain support from Ryuzo to free Lord Shimura.

4) The Tale Of Ryuzo

The mission focuses on gathering food for Ryuzo’s men. So that, Ryuzo can agree to become Jin’s ally.

This Ghost of Tsushima gameplay starts by surveying the Port Ohira where Mongols keep their food supplies. Jin enters the ships to find food where he encounters soldiers.

The fight in this scene begins. Strawhats and Ryuzo take care of the guarding soldiers whereas Jin combats on the ship. 

As Ryuzo and Jin search the ship, there is no sign of any food. As a result, both part their ways and decide to meet at castle Shimura.

5) The Broken Blacksmith

The Broken Blacksmith - Ghost of Tsushima gameplay
Yuna Saves Taka

In this tale, Jin’s objective is to help Yuna free his brother. For this reason, Yuna helped Lord Sakai. 

The tale starts by heading towards Kenji’s house. Kenji is Yuna’s friend who sells alcohol. The mission is all about stealth kills and remaining unnoticed. For this reason, both Yuna and the ghost hide in Kenji’s cart as they enter the prison camp.

As Kenji keeps the soldiers drunk, Yuna and Jin find Taka in a bamboo jail. Jin helps both escape the Bay & takes them to a safer location. Since Tsushima is his home, he heads back to free the other prisoners at the same place he found Taka.

6) Hammer and Forge

The tale of Masako describes how own people can hurt the most. Masako is left helpless after her people had betrayed her trust. To avenge for the death of her people, Masako seeks to find the traitors.

Jin offers Masako to join him to fight Mongols. But, after the fall of clan Adachi, she is left hopeless. For this, Jin stretches out a helping hand towards her. And, helps her to find the traitor.

A priest named Sogen is under the suspicion radar. So, she asks Jin to talk to him. Sogen offers refuge to Lady Masako in the temple. But, he acts weird and leaves the conversation.

Sogen leaves the temple and reaches the Mongol inn. He talks to Mongols that Masako is yet alive. Masako confronts Sogen. He is extremely shocked to see her. 

The tale ends by Masako killing Sogen and finally agreeing to Jin’s request of joining him.

7) The Iron Hook

After collecting Iron Hook from Taka, the next challenge came straight to us in the face. This time it is Ryuzo whose men have been caught by the enemy force. In the Ghost of Tsushima Gameplay, the Samurai repeatedly delays his mission when he helps others.

This time, Ryuzo and Jin make their way towards Fort Yatate. Specifically, in the Ghost game, fort Yatate is a convenient place for prisoners. Without a doubt, we free the Straw-hats that got captured and conquered the Fort.

But, in this tale of Tsushima, Ryuzo opens about his past with Jin. He speaks about how Jin snatched his opportunity. The only chance when he could have proven himself. Only if Ryuzo would have defeated Jin, he could become a Samurai. But, that couldn’t happen because of Jin.

9) Ghost of Tsushima gameplay: Shadow of the Samurai

Shadow of the Samurai  - Ghost of Tsushima gameplay
Ryuzo challenges Lord Sakai

This tale begins the end of Khotun Khan in the top samurai game of 2020. As Jin is eagerly waiting to free Lord Shimura, Khotun has already left the castle to conquer Toyotama.

All the allies of Jin meet at a common point where Jin briefs them about the plan. But, Ryuzo hasn’t yet arrived. Without waiting for Ryuzo, Jin enters the castle.

Accordingly, Sensei Ishikawa secures the first gate of the castle. Next, Yuna clears the path along the cliff. 

Masako and Jin advance to the upper courtyard to kill Mongols where Masako holds the Hwacha to provide cover.

Surprisingly, Ryuzo is waiting eagerly for him in the Fort to fight him. The reason being food. Because Straw-hats are dying; Ryuzo has joined Mongols. In no time, two good friends start to combat to kill each other. 

The two friends combat until Ryuzo is on the verge of getting killed. The ghost lets the Ryuzo escape. Only, in hope that Ryuzo will support his people.

Jin kills all the soldiers in the Shimura castle. Next, he enters the keep and saves Lord Shimura. Lord Shimura expresses his gratitude towards his nephew in the PS-4 samurai game 2020.

Lord offers Yuna the path of mainland if she fights for him. Although, Yuna and Taka hesitate but finally agree.

Without wasting any time, both head out towards Toyotama to fight against Khotun Khan.

REGION 2 TOYOTAMA – MAIN TALES – Ghost of Tsushima Gameplay

Lord shimura in Ghost of Tsushima gameplay
Lord Shimura orders to attack

1) A New Horizon

The next tasks are focused on pushing Mongols back to the shore. For this, Lord Shimura has ordered the army to leave for Toyotama by Dawn. Meanwhile, Jin readies the horses to cover their distance.

As they reach the village, they witness smoke clouds scattered in the fields. Both are in utter shock to see their empire fall.

The ghost plans out to capture the lighthouse. Soon, the fight begins to secure the light-house. Once the soldiers are taken care of, Jin torches the light-house. 

Next, Jin heads to Cedar temple in Omi village to talk with Norio. Norio is a warm-hearted monk. He is traumatised by the death of his fellow monks. Also, Norio agrees to help Clan Shimura to push the Mongols back. At last, he affirms his support to Lord Sakai. 

By the end of this tale, Norio joins Lord Shimura.

2) A Message in Fire

With this tale, we move out to Umugi prefecture to find Goro in Umugi Cove. Lord Shimura has helped Goro in the past. Therefore, it is the right time for Goro to pay back his debt.

As we move in to meet Lady Sanjo, a cut scene plays. Both converse about the fate of Tsushima. Jin moves to meet Goro downstairs where he had been drinking.

The message written by Lord Shimura needs to reach Sogen. Now, Goro’s task is to deliver the message. 

Afterwards, we go back to meet Lord Shimura at his camp. Next step is to provide support to Goro so that he can escape from the Mongol army.  

The Ghost of Tsushima gameplay offers Hwacha. With this, we need to provide cover to Goro from the enemy ships. 

A message in fire ends with a twist. Lord Shimura reveals that he wants to adopt Jin. With this, Jin will become heir to his legacy.

3) The Walls of Yarikawa

The walls of Yarikawa - Ghost of Tsushima gameplay
Mongols gather to atack Yarikawa

In this tale, we need to enter Yarikawa to recruit the soldiers. But, the Mongols are gathered around the fort to attack it. 

Jin meets Yuna and Taka where they plan on how to get inside the fort. The only way to get inside is the hidden entrance. Without delay, all three went to the rear side of the fort. 

On entering the Fort, Jin encounters the soldiers. The soldiers take all three to the Lord Ulimasa as they get to know that he is Lord Sakai.

In the ghost of Tsushima gameplay, both clans were rival at a time. So, Jin approval to fight as one gets rejected.

4) The Coward Of Yarikawa: Ghost of Tsushima gameplay

The Cowards of Yarikawa - Ghost of Tsushima gameplay
Jin helps the archers

Since the Mongols gathered to attack, the archers of the Yarikawa fort went missing. No one knew where they went. Lord Sakai decides to find the missing archers. This decision could help him to gain the trust of the people.

We need to search the archers by going through the woods. Firstly, Jin traces the footsteps and the dead Mongol soldiers. These signs lead Jin to an abandoned hut. On searching, Jin found traces of some archers.

Jin notices some archers moving ahead. Jin follows the archer and talks to him. Daikoku explains that his men got captured by the Mongols. Jin makes a plan to save the archers.

The whole group attack the Mongols freeing the archers. Lord Sakai explains the need for archers in Yarikawa. 

With the end of this tale, all the archers return.

5) The Ghost Of Yarikawa

The Mongols are on the verge to attack Yarikawa. As a result, Jin reaches the main gate to prevent Mongols try to break in. The next objective is to secure the main entry. Next, we need to defend the northern way. 

The siege weapons of the Mongols start to weaken the fort. Therefore, the ghost moves towards the hill. The Lord heads back after disabling the siege weapon.

The ghost and general Temuge go for lethal combat. And Jin Sakai beheads the general. When the scene cuts, it shows the most beautiful scene of the game. The rage emits from every part of the Lord. Just check out the graphics.

Correspondingly, the Mongol army falls back as their leader got killed. 

6) Ghosts From the Past

Jin visits his caretaker Yuriko in this tale. The scene starts with Yuriko being shocked to see Jin at her door-steps. Both converse over Khotun Khan for some time. Later, Jin visits his father’s grave to pay his homage. He talks to his father’s grave for a while. Next, he goes to Yuriko to ask her to make the poison.

He asks Yuriko to make blow dart weapons. In return, she teaches him to make the poison and the weapon.

Later, Jin uses the poison made against the Mongols in the Ghost of Tsushima gameplay. 

7) A Reckoning in the Blood

A reckoning in the blood
Ryuzo & Khan plan their attack

Now, after leaving Yuriko Jin meets Yuna as she leaves for the mainland. Jin asks her to stay back and fight the Mongols. But, Yuna sticks to her decision and moves with Taka. 

Jin reaches Lord Shimura’s war camp. The Ghost plans to travel to Fort Koyasan to kill Ryuzo. 

Taka comes back to help his idle. As Mongols are guarding the camp, Taka creates disturbances so that Jin can enter the Fort. 

Jin kills the Mongol soldiers and reaches Ryuzo in his room. But, Jin loses his consciousness when he gets hit in the head.

Jin opens his eyes to see Taka also has been captured by the Mongols. Khotun Khan arrives in the scene and kills Taka. The reason being that Jin refused to join the Mongols.

Yuna comes looking for her brother but finds him dead.

By the end of this tale, Yuna stays back to drive the Mongols away from the land of Tsushima.

8) The Fate of Tsushima: Ghost of Tsushima gameplay

The fate of Tsushima - Ghost of Tsushima gameplay
Taka’s last creation

Clan Shimura and its allies prepare to attack the Mongols in the castle Shimura. For this purpose, Jin speaks to Lord Oga about their plan. 

Lord Ogo, Jin Sakai and Lord Shimura clear the way for the army to move in. The ghost and his uncle kill each enemy that block their way. 

Fearing the Clan Shimura, the Mongols start to burn the bridge. The bridge continues to burn to block the way. 

Many people died because of Lord Shimura as he sends the soldiers on the burning bridge making Jin angry. In the night, Jin plans to poison the opponent army.

9) From the Darkness

From the darkness
Jin challenges Ryuzo

In this tale, Jin confronts Ryuzo. From the darkness is a tale in which Jin plans to poison the Mongol army. For this reason, he mixes the poison in the Mongol food and water.

As the poison starts its effect, one by one,  Mongols soldiers die. Next, Jin walks in to fight Ryuzo.

Ryuzo begs to join back with Jin. But, Jin is no mood for friendship. Finally, the fight ends in which Jin kills Ryuzo. 

Lord Shimura enters the castle. Because Jin has poisoned the Mongols and is a sign of a coward, he imprisons Jin. With this, Jin has lost the chance to become the leader of Clan Shimura.

Ghost of Tsushima Gameplay: Region 3 – Kamiagata

Honor And Ash
Lord Shimura imprisons Jin

1) Honor and Ash

In the tale of Honor and Ash, the trust of Lord Shimura on Jin has weakened. With this, the uncle had ordered to imprison the ghost.

But, Kenji sneaks inside the Fort and frees him. You can see Kenji’s plan in the cutscene. The ghost escapes the castle on his horse and alarming the soldiers.

He moves out to search for Yuna at the location conveyed by Kenji. Upon meeting Yuna, both plan to reclaim the Jogaku temple. The reason being that it is near to Khotun Khan. 

Jin and his allies conquer the temple by killing the Mongol Warlord. Lastly, the ghost frees the monks.

2) Wolves at the Gate

As we are nearing to attack the Jogaku lighthouse, we need more allies. In this tale of Wolves at the Gate, we head out to meet Takeshi. Takeshi is Yuna’s friend and the leader of best archers. Takeshi agrees to help Jin. His only condition is to that he needs shelter till summers. 

The next objective is to capture Fort Toyotama. For this, Yuna plans the fort from the south while Jin enters from the other side.

The warriors reclaim the fort by killing all the Mongols. 

Next, the plan is to head towards the Jogaku lighthouse.

3) A Gathering Storm

In the tale of the gathering storm, Yuna and Jin move towards the Jogaku Light-house. The reason is to know the strategy of the Mongols.

As Jin and Yuna sneak inside the Jogaku lighthouse, they mount up the watch-tower. Jin finds out that Mongols had planned to poison them. Also, Mongols had prepared their ships with a large number of explosives.

The only thing stopping the Mongols from attacking is the Storm. Therefore, Jin plans to leave a letter to Lord Shimura to let him know Khan’s strategy.

4) Heart of Jito

Jin leaves the Jogaku light-house to reach the castle, Shimura. He wanted to inform his uncle about Khotun’s strategy. For this, he sneaks inside the castle and leaves a letter for him.

 The letter reads that Jin needs his support as he will attack the Mongols. Jin has written everything about Mongol ships, poison and the storm.

Correspondingly, Jin goes back to reunite with his allies.

5) Eternal Blue Sky

Eternal Blue Sky - Ghost of Tsushima gameplay
Jin kills the Khan

Jin heads back to his allies after leaving a message for his uncle Shimura. On reaching Jogaku light-house, he plans the attack with Yuna.

For this, Jin talks to his allies and peps them up. Yuna wishes him best luck and the next dawn head out to fight the Mongols.

Jin clears the frontline and enters Port Uzumi. Afterwards, he engages the Khan into a fight. And finally, the leader dies.

The tale of eternal blue sky marks the end of Khotun Khan.

6) The Tale of Lord Shimura: Ghost of Tsushima gameplay Ends here!

Ghost of Tsushima gameplay - the tale of Lord Shimura
The tale of Lord Shimura

Yuna and Jin discuss their next plans after killing the Mongol leader. Both ride on their horses where Yuna informs Jin that his uncle wants to meet him near Omi lake.

Jin travels to the lake and waits for Lord Shimura. On reaching, Lord Shimura informs him that Shogun has disbanded the clan, Sakai. And, Jin is no longer a Samurai in the PS-4 exclusive Samurai game.

Also, Lord Shimura informs that the Shogun has ordered to kill Jin Sakai. With this, both start their fight in which Jin dominates.

As uncle Shimura has fallen, we can either kill him or spare his life.

Lastly, Jin leaves the Omi lake and starts his new life in the forest. Only, Yuna knows where to find him in the Ghost of Tsushima Gameplay.

Ghost of Tsushima Gameplay Review

In conclusion, playing Ghost of Tsushima was a good decision. Certainly, I liked the Sound effect, the tense music and the overall theme of war. For the most part, the experience was smooth. The fighting with the top leader was a bit tough. But, that definitely satisfied a lot once the tale was complete. The only thing that could have been better was the Fps. As the game offers 30 FPS, everyone would have loved 60 FPS.

Lastly, to finish this long-form guide article, I would recommend you to play this game. Because the Ghost of Tsushima cost is $60 dollars, you may avoid playing the game considering your budget does not give you a free hand.

Do comment below how you felt about the game and if you are going to play the game or have already completed it.

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