Gaming PC parts list you need to cross-check in 2021!

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RAM in gaming pc

Worldwide, the gaming industry has seen a boom in its trends. Hence, people continue to explore various games on different platforms. We have made a simple Gaming PC parts list for those who have just stepped in the gaming fraternity.

Among all, PC gaming is what people chose as compared to other options available in the market.If you don’t believe check out the data provided by Google Trends about gaming on PC.

google trends for PC gaming
Source – google trends

When we check more google trends we see gaming on pc is trending at 97. while gaming on PS 4 and other console devices is below 20.

google trends for PS4 gaming
Source – google trends

Therefore, why not help you make your own PC with this simple checklist. As you go through our build a PC blog, you’ll know the utility of each accessory which most blogs fail to mention.

In this gaming blog, I have put definitive research to find out what are the best gaming PC components out there in the market in 2020.

Get this thing straight!

As you start scrolling the internet you’ll be bombarded with a ton of misleading and off-the-ramp advice. Big agencies trying to sell you the PC at a cost much higher than what is expected. That’s all profit for them and a lower cost to performance ratio on your side.

But if you figure out some important PC parts list for your new gaming requirements, you too can make your own pc without anyone’s help. And the chances are that your new gaming PC might be better than a pre-built one. Because it’s you who has put the work with utmost sincerity

Enough of the pep talk now! Let go in your fresh PC build journey.

One thing you need to decide straight off the bat is the type of PC you’re aiming to make. There are various types of PC you can build. But, let us simplify it. And see the three types of PC most gamers will agree upon.


You can build a low-cost PC for less than $550 or INR 40,000. These PC’s are good for lightweight activities such as surfing, doing work, and playing some games. However, they lack the power to deliver the best gaming performances. And they are not fit for true gaming.

But there are certain reasons to buy these type of Gaming PC. Now, let us see some of their advantages.

Firstly, this pc will let you play most games at the minimum required settings. What it means that you can play all the games that someone with high pc specs can play. But in low settings and in certain cases frame drops.

And on top of that, you can certainly enjoy some games on medium settings with an FPS lying between 40-60. This is very good considering the low price you’re paying.

To be honest, 60 FPS is a tough ask for most of the AAA titles on medium settings. That is the reason that the GPU+CPU combo you’ll choose will matter a lot. Picking one of the best low-cost gaming graphics cards will definitely boost your gaming experience on a low-cost cheap gaming PC.

If you are someone who is willing to compromise on the settings to save some bucks, go for it. And you can anytime upgrade your PC components in future if you like.


The Mid end PC build is what most of the masses opt for. You can pick any of these gaming CPUs under $450

and be assured about their performance in long run. These gaming cpu will provide you with all your daily requirement such as browsing, work related actions.

In addition, I also believe that a mid range budget gaming PC will also handle low to medium CPU intensive tasks. The examples of which are video editing and making your music in a professional DAW.

In terms of gaming, I consider a mid end PC build will satisfy your gaming needs. It can play most of the heavy AAA titles, FPS games and most of the best car racing games ever made.


Adding soon!


  • PC Cabinet
  • Motherboard
  • Processor / CPU
  • Graphics card / GPU
  • RAM / Memory
  • Power Supply
  • Cooling fans / System cooling
  • SSD


1) PC cabinet

NZXT gaming cabinet
Source – NZXT

Every Gaming PC component you’ll buy needs to rest in a dedicated place. Also, The cabinet will provide an organised way of putting all the parts in a corner.

However, PC cabinets range from low priced budget-friendly to premium ones that can cost you the price equivalent to that of a cheap Graphics card.

I personally would recommend the following cabinet -:

Go for Antec NX2 cabinet 2500 if you have a mid range budget. Keep in mind, that these look very good for their price value.

NZXT cabinets cost more than $100 and could make your whole setup to look much premium.

2) Motherboard

Source – MSI

A motherboard is the starting point of our gaming PC parts list. Here, the parts are combined to work in sync with each other. Main gaming PC components such as RAM, Processor, and SSD are connected together. The size and shape of the motherboard vary depending upon the price you pay and the brand you choose.

Check out the below-mentioned motherboards that touch different price ranges.

  • MSI a320 pro VD/s — 3300 – 3400 INR / Approx $50
  • mid-range – MSI B450M pro-M2 Max  — priced at around 7000INR / $100
  • high range – ASUS ROG Rampage VI Extreme encore priced at $750

Be careful about whether your Processor fits into your motherboard because certain Motherboards and Processors are incompatible!

3) Processor / CPU in our Gaming PC parts list

Source – AMD

A processor performs basic operations that run the computer.

Specifically, you need 4 cores with 4 threads for gaming purposes.

One of the best Gaming processors under 20000 rupees paired with a cheap graphics card will meet most of your gaming requirements.

I can bet on this part if you do not want to spend big.

Now, lets go back to the CPUs.

A thread manages different tasks and improves our multitasking. And, cores perform actual tasks as requested by our Gaming PC.

For example, AMD is the best processor you can opt for because of its ability to multitasking because of multi-threading.

You can either go with the best i5 processors for gaming or pick an AMD Ryzen depending on your gaming and work needs.

Recommended CPU to have in Gaming PC parts list

AMD Ryzen 3 – (Best low budget PC processor)
  • 4 core 4 threaded processor
  • boost frequency – 4.0 GHz 
  • Base frequency –  3.6 GHz
  • Decent for normal gaming 
  • APU (Integrated graphics)
  • Could support low editing. 
  • Not suitable for heavy Multitasking
  • Priced at around 14000INR / $200

And this is good. But what is better is that you can play many games on Ryzen 3 3200G without a GPU.

AMD Ryzen 5
  • 4 core 8 threaded
  • APU( integrated graphics)
  • boost frequency – 4.2 GHz 
  • Base frequency –  3.7 GHz
  • Provides moderate editing
  • Online video stream
  • high threading provides multitasking
  • priced at around  21000INR / $300
AMD Ryzen 5
  • 6 core 12 threaded
  • CPU not APU and requires external GPU
  • Boost frequency – 4.2 GHz 
  • Base frequency – 3.6 GHz
  • External graphics required
  • Online video stream
  • Heavy editing
  • Heavy multitasking
  • Priced at around — 28000INR / $400
AMD Ryzen 7
  • 8 core 16 threaded
  • boost frequency – 4.5GHz 
  • Base frequency – 1.9 GHz
  • 4K gaming
  • very heavy multitasking
  • Supports ultra settings for all Games
  • priced at around 40000 – 50000INR / $600 – $700

4) Graphics Card / GPU

Graphics card
Source – NVIDIA

Basically, the role of a Graphics card is to render quality images on the monitor. Graphics card is a type of gaming accessory that you must choose in accordance with the monitor you have.

You can choose a budget graphics card, mid-range, or high-end GPU. Mainly, this depends on what type of PC you are aiming to build.

Lastly, If you consider buying a high-end graphics card such as RTX 2070 or even RTX 2060 be sure that you have a high refresh rate monitor.

Few Graphics cards and their specs

NVIDIA 1650 super
  • For 1080p quality
  • Easily provides 60-70fps
  • 13500INR / $200
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660
  • For 1080p quality
  • Provides around 70-80fps for most Games
  • 19000INR / around $470
NVidia GeForce GTX 1660ti
  • For 1080p quality
  • 4-5 fps extra compared to NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 
  • 22000INR / $290
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 
  • 1080p gaming
  • Easily provides 100fps
  • Be sure that you have a high refresh rate monitor(144 Hz) 
  • 23500INR / $300
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 super
  • 2k gaming 
  • 1440p gaming
  • 30000INR / $400
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 super
  • Basic 4k gaming 
  • 38000INR / $500

Recommended Graphics card for gaming

The above Graphics card list could be confusing if one does not have proper knowledge of the same. The most commonly used graphic card and what many people recommend is GeForce GTX 1660 super. This one can provide a good frame rate for most of the games and is a value for money

option if you are just starting out in gaming.

5) RAM / Memory

RAM gaming pc

This Gaming PC component is used to make the operations faster as it keeps frequently used information and feeds it to the system whenever requests are made. RAM sizes start from 4GB and go up to whooping 32GB

However, when you are building your own gaming PC, make sure to keep in mind the following points -:

1) For a low budget Gaming PC setup, at least use 8GB of RAM. At most, a good brand could cost you less than $100.

2) When talking about a mid-range budget for a Gaming PC setup, opting for 16GB RAM will keep everything smooth keeping in mind you only want to play games and not stream online. 

Now, there are a lot of options available ranging from $100 to around $250.

The one I would recommend for mid-range Gaming PC budget is GSKILL ripsaws v memory – 16GB (8×2) 3000MHZ. It is easy on pockets and very good for gaming.

3) And, for the ultimate Gaming PC build, you may go for 32GB RAM. This definitely allows the system to do heavy editing, smooth online streaming which results in more quality for you. The price range is vast for high-end RAMs. The choice is yours how much one is willing to pay. 

6) Power – supply 

Power supply gaming pc

This unit provides, as the name suggests, the power to the whole setup. 

  • Low budget PC requires not more than 450W supply.
  • Mid budget PC requires almost around 550W supply.

7) Cooling Fans 

Cooling fans NZXT
Source – NZXT

The gaming PC parts list is incomplete with some quality fans. As the Processor heats up, you’ll need to put some fans in your gaming PC setup to cool it down and prevent it from shutting down. 

You could either go for liquid cooling fans or the old school normal fans. This choice purely depends upon the budget and preference of a person.

Anyways, both will work.

8) SSD Storage


Secondary Storage Devices provide extra space so that the system doesn’t fall flat when it comes to keeping your games and their data. SSD is much similar to HDD. But, the performance is much higher due to the internal structure of the drive. In addition, it reduces load time which makes gaming very fast and smooth.

  • 240GB SSD – cost less than $70 / 3000 INR
  • 480GB SSD – prices starts from  $130 / 8000 INR

However, depending on gaming requirements and the willingness to spend, you can opt for 240GB, 480GB or even higher.


In conclusion, I hope this Gaming PC parts list provided you some valuable information. Also, deciding how much money you are willing to spend will make it easier to choose the right component from the variety of products.

Lastly, before buying the products do some product research and read respective reviews. This can provide valuable information as it is coming from the user itself.

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