FAUG vs PUBG – everything you need to know!

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FAUG is finally released on Indian Republic Day. And what better day to release a game that is specially dedicated to Indian soldiers who lost their lives in Galwan killing more than 50 soldiers to protect their land. So, let us see some FAUG vs PUBG comparisons in this article and see if FAUG will overtake PUBG Mobile.

So, is FAUG based on Galwan valley incident?

Yes and no. The game FAUG is not fully based on Galwan valley incident. It is just one of the modes in the game mentioned as Campaign.

The game FAUG has not fully released. But the Fans have gone crazy to compare the dynamics of both these games.

There are three modes in FAUG.

  • Campaign ( Tales form Galwan)
  • team detach match (5 v 5)
  • Free for all (every man for himself)

So lets see the FAUG vs PUBG comparison.

PUBG vs FAUG – What are the differences?

Graphics qualitylow – mediumhigh-ultra
Modes availableonly 1 till nowmore than 3
Based onIndian Soldiersno specifics
Weapons Only hand weapons Advanced weapons
ActionsDiversed action movesOnly punch moves
Player movementsStill buggy/ not smoothVery smooth and rich
Download sizeBelow 500MBAbove 2GB

PUBG vs FAUG – Which is better to play?

As of now, you cannot play PUBG mobile in India due to its ban by Indian Government.

But, we can compare PUBG and FAUG to see which game better.

1) Controls

FAUG controls

Starting off with controls, PUBG still is better in terms of its controls because it has a very responsive joystick.

In FAUG, I didn’t find the joystick that smooth. But, the overall punch blows were very better than PUBG.

And had different character movement along with slow motions added.

Weapons in FAUG

weapons in FAUG

There are no weapons in FAUG other than hand weapons. That means no guns or grenades.

3) Modes in FAUG and PUBG

modes in FAUG

In FAUG, there are three modes available. And these are:

  • Campaign mode
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Free for all.

And in PUBG the available modes are:

  • Classic match
  • Custom
  • Deathmatch
  • Zombie mode
  • War mode

One more thing to know!

And that is the modes in FAUG are still to be released in future updates.

For the Republic Day in India, the Campaign mode( tales from Galwan) is released as a tribute to the Indian Soldiers who fought with Valour against Chinese forces and lost their lives to protect Maa Bharti (another name for India).

Is FAUG any good?

This is a very complicated question to answer if FAUG is better than PUBG or not.

This is because the game FAUG is in its beginning stages. For a competition FAUG vs PUBG, we need to compare all the modes in the game.

But, this cannot be done as of now because two modes in the game are yet to be released.


We do not know anything about any gun present in FAUG. Because in campaign mode, only hand weapons can be seen.

Whereas in PUBG there are various high level guns.

FAUG vs PUBG vs Free-Fire is a topic that will get a lot of traction from fans all over India. So, you might wanna keep an eye out for it.

In summary, the topic FAUG vs PUBG is a topic that cannot be answered in a detailed way.

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