FAUG vs PUBG vs Free Fire – Will FAUG crush PUBG in India?

FAUG vs PUBG vs Free-Fire
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FAUG was released a few days back on 26th January 2021. And as the game has been released, it is time for FAUG vs PUBG vs Free Fire and see which game is better and what the future holds?

We saw in the previous article about FAUG vs PUBG mobile and the possibility of FAUG in the future. But, now let us dive deeper into the competing games.

FAUG vs PUBG vs Free-Fire

It was the time when India celebrated its Republic Day and released FAUG( Fearless And United Guards) as a tribute to the soldiers who lead their lives to maintain a stronghold on Galwan Valley.

So without any due let’s see how FAUG competes with its competitors.

FAUG vs PUBG vs Free Fire

There are three main things to see:

  1. FAUG is still in the development phase.
  2. PUBG and Free Fire are 3 years old.
  3. FAUG is made in India.
  4. PUBG & Free Fire are made in Korea and Singapore respectively.
  5. Only one mode of FAUG is released as of now.


  • FAUG is a story mode game.
  • It is still not available in Battle Royale mode.
  • There are three modes available of which only one has been released.
  • There are only hand weapons available as of now.
  • The graphics are not that great.
  • The controls are still buggy.
  • The graphics are medium quality.


3) Free-Fire

  • Free fire is a Battle Royale game.
  • It demonstrates a more arcade feel.
  • Controls are very basic.
  • Characters seem almost very childish.
  • Weapons/ Guns feel very fake in Free- Fire.
  • The graphics are not that great.

Some differences between FAUG, PUBG and Free Fire.

Developed in IndiaMade In KoreaCreated In Singapore
One Mode Launchedmore than 5 modes12 Modes available
Only hand-weaponsHigh profile GunsMedium Profile Guns
Medium Graphic qualityHigh Graphic qualityLow-mid Graphic quality
Available in India Banned in IndiaAvailable in India

Can Faug Beat PUBG Mobile and Free-Fire?

To beat PUBG Mobile, it would take a Long time.

Seriously! Just think about it.

PUBG has a huge audience all over the world. And on top of that very few people know about FAUG. Moreover, there is no marketing of FAUG other than in Asia.

The main challenge is to strategize on how to conquer the markets where PUBG has its roots spread out.

Same applies with Free Fire.

Therefore, FAUG first needs to release its Battle Royale mode because people are interested in that. A huge crowd prefers playing Battle Royale game rather than a story mode game.

So, it will be interesting to see if FAUG will be limited to India Only.

And how will it reach bigger set of audience.


In summary, we can see that all the games, be it FAUG, PUBG or Free Fire are unique in their own ways.

Where PUBG and Free Fire are growing very fast, FAUG puts a question mark on the future about who will really win FAUG vs PUBG vs Free Fire.

Nevertheless, we as an audience are the ones who are going to be benefitted as all the developers are pushing full attention to Indian Audiences.


1) What is FAUG game?

FAUG is a story mode game. There are various episodes which you need to complete one by one. In future updates, the game can be available in Battle Royale more.

2) How to download FAUG?

Go to play store and type FAUG in search box. Press Enter and download the game.

3) Is FAUG free to download?

Yes. The game is available on PlayStore and free to download.

4) How much download did faug get in 1 day?

FAUG get an estimated of more than 2 Million download on the day of its launch.

5) How to download FAUG on iOS?

As of now, you cannot download FAUG on iOS devices.

6) Is FAUG available on App Store?

No. There are still no announcements about FAUG coming to App Store. But, it may pretty soon be available for apple users.

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