Detroit become human storyline and game analysis!

Detroit become human
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Detroit become human poster
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Since it’s release back in may 2018, The Detroit become human has seen a lot of top rankings in the gaming charts with a high selling rate. But, what makes the game, Detroit become human, more appealing to the audience is the intense rollercoaster of emotions the game offers throughout as it proceeds.

Because of the storytelling nature of the game, a cinematic vibe hits in certain moments of the game. With more than 40 endings, we cannot be absolutely sure with how Detroit become human might end up. Adding, the producer and its director wants us to believe that the game no particular ending. So, this calls up for analysis of Detroit become human characters and the walkthrough.

Detroit become human: overview

As the name goes, the game shoots off in the year 2038. The city of Detroit consists of humans and Androids (appear exactly like humans).

CyberLife, whose founder is Elijah kamski, is responsible for the manufacturing of Androids and handing over various units based on their utility. We as Androids are manufactured and sold to humans in two forms. Firstly, to provide assistance in household activities and secondly, to provide assistance to security forces.

But, the mishandling and human frustration absorbed by the Androids instils a sense of consciousness in them. Consequently, the androids demand equal civil rights and in turn, rebellious towards the authorities in power. The only demand we as Androids make is to be in a secure environment free from human slavery.

Facing the fear of mass destruction and loss of human lives, the government issues the order of destroying all the Androids in the city.

But, we have to make certain decisions so that Androids can live with equal civil rights as that of their masters.

With each decision, we make the game shift to a particular ending and unlocking various in-game paths in Detroit become human.

This is the point where we control our characters and tune into the game.

The story revolves around below-mentioned characters in Detroit become human.

Detroit become human: Protagonists

Protagonists in the game
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The story focuses on three main protagonists with their respective supporting characters.

1) KARA – Android for daily assistance

 Kara android
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Kara is the female Android AX400 and is one of the domestic Androids in game. In Detroit become human storyline, we can see kara take care of an abusive man who lives with his daughter Alice. The story provides enough evidence that the wife of the person had left him for another person.

Kara soon enough decides to leave the house with Alice as situations turn brutal when the father beats his daughter. The story continues with kara’s objective being to protect Alice and provide her with a safe future.

Kara realizes that she feels certain emotions for Alice. This makes her considered Alice as her child. Also, Alice only trusted Kara and their story aligned as one in the game.

Kara’s journey in Detroit become human storyline takes her to a man who tries to exploit her. But, Kara breaks free when the owner’s android helps her as he gains a sense of consciousness.

Soon, Kara lands in the house of local residents who help her find the path of the border to escape Detroit.

But, the plot took Kara to Jericho where escaped Androids lived as a disguise under the leadership of Markus. The things get a little dramatic when Kara founds Alice to be an Android and not human.Markus advises Kara to cross the border and leave Detroit for a safer future.

As tensions uprise, we are forced either to leave Detroit or to fight back with our fellow androids for equal civil rights.

2) MARKUS – Will he be a leader to Androids?

Markus in the city
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Markus was gifted to Carl Manfred when he lost both of his legs in a car accident by cyberlife founder Elijah Kamski. Mostly, Markus provided companionship to Carl besides providing assistance in his activities. The two, in a short span of time, made a very close relationship as that of a father and son. As their relationship deepens, Carl’s son Leo, a prominent drug addict, turns jealous and angry towards Markus.

The problem for Markus begins when Leo accidentally kills Carl fighting with Markus. Soon, the police arrive and shot down Markus where his multiple parts get damaged. Markus gains his Consciousness in a junkyard where broken Androids are dumped. As we replace Markus damaged parts, we find out about Jericho from Androids.

As Markus, we need to take working parts out from the dead Androids and replace it with Markus broken parts. When replacing parts, other androids guide us to a place where other Androids are hid ing.

Upon reaching Jericho in Detroit become human, Markus witnesses the hard times’ Androids are facing. In Jericho, Markus meets North, Josh and Simon where all three are hiding. North, josh and Simon are supporting characters that help Markus in his story. The plot intensifies in Detroit become human when Markus decides to steal supplies for Androids hiding in Jericho.

Soon, Markus realises that hiding for entire life is not an option and decides to reach out to people. All four of them discreetly enters a news agency and go live where they demand their rights.

Because Androids turn out to be a potential threat, the President issues an order to destroy all the androids in Detroit to protect humans. Amid these situations, we are forced to make a decision either to surrender and get neutralised or to fight for our people.

3) CONNOR – Detective with sixth sense?

Connor in cyberlife
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Connor is male Android RK800 developed to investigate crime scenes and help Lt. hank Anderson in Detroit become human. Throughout the story, multiple instances show us that he can decode complex cases on is own. It seems that his sixth sense or certain algorithm make him see things ahead of time.

With each decision we make, the relation between Connor and Hank increases. Selecting some decision will only make Hank colder and angry towards us. Also, when we make bad decisions it will lead to a decrease in software instability.

We are sent to negotiate with an Android that killed his owner and held the child hostile in first mission. In this case, we can either convince the Android or kill it using certain cues provided in the game.

Another investigation with hank finds Connor in a club where female Android kills the customer by choking him. Solving the case successfully unlocks a different path and improves his connection with Hank.

Connor and Hank are assigned to review the news agency, after Markus demand his rights. We interrogate certain workers who lead us to Jericho where Kara and Markus are hiding. Upon reaching Jericho, Connor faces Markus who tries to convince him to join other Androids in the protest.

As Connor, we can join Markus to liberate other Androids in the cyberLife or stand against Markus and fight him.


Detroit become human, for a huge audience, might seem a boring game with not much to do on player’s side. The game seems pointless to play because certain tasks can surely make one sleep. Subsequently, the game does become slow and influences to make a decision one would avoid choosing.

Detroit become human storyline heavily relies on our decisions. For action lovers, this can prove a huge disappointment. It mainly focuses on avoiding certain outcomes and to think Smart.

We can experience from this game what no other game feels like. With no particular ending, we might spend heavy hours playing Detroit become human storyline.

The curiosity of multiple ending compels might you into thinking of how the game might look from some different perspective. This can lead you to play the game more than once.

I think that the game focuses on conveying that machines have emotions too. The game can be a bit slow but all the pieces we collect direct us to something big. I would recommend trying this game. It is one of the top games in the genre of storytelling. This can provide you with a positive outlook towards this genre.

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