How to Clear Cache on PS4 and Boost its Performance.

clear cache on PS4
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How to clear cache on PS4

You are here to know how to clear the cache on your PS4? But, why should you Clean the cache memory on your PS4?

The answer is simple. Clearing cache on your PS4 can help boost the performance of your system.

You may ask How?

It gets rid of all the short-term memory to free up the resources used up by the games you often play.

So, let’s get rid of the cache memory and speed up your Play Station 4.

Two Simple Steps Clear Cache on PS4!

Now, there is no option present in Play station 4 to help you clear the cache memory. But, you can still do it in two simple steps.

Step #1 – Power Off Your PS4

Go to the Quick Menu on your PS4.

Then, scroll Down to Power option. And Turn off your PS4.

Important Note: Do not UnPlug the AC Power cord when the indicator light on the PS4 is lit or still blinking.

Step #2 – Clear Cache On PS4 this way!

clear cache on PS4

So, in the above image, notice the console box section

where the Power cord Goes in. It is the section where cache memory is present.

The area where I have kept the controller is the place where Cache Memory Is Present. I do not know exactly where it is but this is what I found watching some YouTube videos.

This is the step where we will help you clear your Play Station’s Cache Memory.

So, for this step, after your PS4 has turned off completely, you need to Unplug the AC Power Cord.

Leave it unplugged from the power cord for at least two minutes. And then plug the Cord again into the PS4 Console Box.

Turn On your PS4.


Before we go on to concluding this article, check out these 15 mistakes you must avoid making with your PS4 immediately.

Here you have it. Two simple steps to clear the cache on PS4 may be making it slow.

You should do these two steps every now and then. This helps to keep up the performance of your PS4 by deleting any stored memory.

If you are still facing some severe software Issues, it is recommended to factory reset your PS4. This will wipe all the data on your Hard drive. Therefore, you need to make sure to create a backup for your local files.

Lastly, if this quick troubleshooting guide helped you out, do let me know in the comments.

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