Best BGMI 3 Finger Layout & sensitivity for Professional Gamers!

3 Finger Layout
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In this article, let us look at a new type of layout known as BGMI 3 Finger Layout or 3 Finger Claw Layout.

As more and more people are installing and playing BGMI, it becomes important to ensure you stay on top of everyone else’s gameplay.

One way to do so is to constantly try new layouts, such as the 2-Finger thumb layout and 4-Finger Claw Layout.

Sticking to one of these BGMI layouts is better once you have figured out which layout and Sensitivity setting suits you best.

After its un-ban, players are trying unique ways of improving their gameplay. One such method is to use a new layout, such as a three-finger BGMI Claw Layout with the proper sensitivity settings. If you are still using the BGMI two-finger claw layout and sensitivity, there is no better time to try the three-finger claw Settings.

Nonetheless, feel free to use the BGMI 3-finger Claw Layouts and sensitivities mentioned in this article.

Best 3 Finger BGMI Claw Setup

BGMI 3 Finger Layout Controls

BGMI Three Finger Claw Layout in which we generally use two thumbs and one index finger for various movements in BGMI. It is best to switch to move to this Claw Layout in BGMI from 2 Finger Claw Layout as it provides room for faster movements and reflexes.

Subsequently, it is easier to switch to a 4 finger claw layout or 4 finger BGMI controls after playing with 3 finger claw layout. It may take players a week to shift from two-finger BGMI controls to this layout.

Follow this setup along with a Perfect Team strategy in PUBG

to get at least 30% more WWCD.

PRO TIP – Clean your hands off any sweat. The sweat can mess up with your controls. In general, you need to have a smooth grip on your device

so that you can easily move your fingers across the screen.

BGMI 3 finger control Code

BGMI 3 finger Layout Code

Here is the layout code for 3 finger layout. If this link has not expired, then you can use this code to directly import the layout to your device.

However, if the layout code has expired, then you can copy the above three-finger BGMI layout.

Beginner Friendly 3-finger BGMI controls

Three finger PUBG controls
live demo of the layout with transparency
  • fire button stays at the left top.
  • joystick remains below the fire button.
  • aim and peek can be moved as per needs.
  • Other actions remain as such.

How to master 3 finger claw settings in BGMI?

  • increase the transparency to see more clearly.
  • increase button sizes for greater reach.
  • adjust according to screen size
  • Practice in the training room to adjust to this gameplay.
  • Play TDMs.

Best 3 finger BGMI settings + 3 Finger BGMI Gyroscope Sensitivity

1) camera sensitivity(free look)

3rd person camera120%
camera 120%
1st person camera 80%

2) Camera sensitivity

This describes the fact that how fast or slow a player can look around.

BGMI 3 Finger Sensitivity
3rd person no scope 50%
1st person no scope 50%
red dot, holo, aim assist 20%
2x scope 20%
3x scope 10%
4x scope ,VSS 10%
6x scope 10%
8x scope 8%

3) ADS sensitivity

ADS refers to aim downside and is generally used to control recoil in BGMI. In ADS, we swipe down on the screen of the mobile to compensate for the vertical and horizontal recoil. Different guns have different recoil.

No recoil sensitivity BGMI without gyroscope is another name for ADS. A lot of people get confused about this term. So, just to be clear, both are the same.

AKM and Beryl M762 have the highest recoil while SMG’s score low on recoil. But, guns such as Assault Rifles score high on damage.

bgmi 3 finger ads settings
3rd person no scope 100%
1st person no scope 80%
red dot, holo, aim assist 50%
2x scope 40%
3x scope 40%
4x scope ,VSS 35%
6x scope 31%
8x scope 9%

Best 3 Finger Claw BGMI sensitivity with Gyroscope

Now, if you are a gyroscope player you can change your Gyroscope settings under the Relevant tab. Firstly, make sure you have aligned the above settings to their correct mark. If you do not wish to use ADS settings, skip those settings.

Instead we will use the below blueprint to cater you the secret professional players are hesitant to share.

Yes! That’s 100% correct.

Three-finger claw Gyroscope sensitivity is used to control the cross-hair by moving our device in the direction we want it to point. Gyroscopic settings are used in PUBG Mobile for faster movements. Additionally, the three-finger claw gyroscopic settings will also help you to control recoil in a better way than ADS.

It is best used to control recoil in combats and to stabilize the upward movement of the guns. Overall, many pro esports players use gyroscope, and is also a recommended tip in BGMI.

bgmi 3 finger gyro sensitivity
3rd person no scope350%
1st person no scope 350%
red dot, holo, aim assist 280%
2x scope 300%
3x scope175%
4x scope ,VSS170%
6x scope 47%
8x scope 40%

Simply copy paste these settings and you are all set to dominate!


In conclusion, choosing the best setup might take you some time. Don’t worry about that and focus on what is best for you. It may take you some time but that’s okay.

If you feel uncomfortable with these 3 finger BGMI Layout, try one of the other two layouts. You may try a four-finger claw layout or 2-finger claw layout as they are more symmetric. Also, it provides way more flexibility than any other controls.

How to play BGMI like a Pro is a skill you can master with consistent practice. That is why I have an entire article dedicated to upgrading your game sense in BGMI.

You can also see this 3 finger claw layout if you want a new and different setup.

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