Best BGMI 2 Finger Layout & sensitivity as good as a killing Machine!

BGMI two finger layout and sensitivity
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BGMI is finally back in India after a year-long ban. This means that the grind for one more chicken dinner, rank push, and win competitive lobbies is back with this un-ban. Nonetheless, the first step is to pick and customize a layout for our gameplay. This article will look at the best BGMI 2 Finger Layout.

Furthermore, we will also discuss the best BGMI ADS and Gyroscope sensitivities to ensure your aim and spray are fast and on target.

Today, It is rare to see anyone playing with the two-finger Claw settings. Two-finger claw settings are perceived to be the settings that only the newbies use. However, if utilized properly, a two-finger claw setup can work in a way that three-finger claw settings in BGMI or even the Four finger settings in BGMI can never work.

What is Two Finger claw setup in BGMI?

Best 2 Finger control for BGMI

The two-finger BGMI control layout is one of the simplest and easiest layouts to manage and wrap your hands around. It requires two thumbs to control game controls.

Each thumb controls either side of the screen. The remaining fingers rest on the back of the device. Generally, players keep all the other controls close to their thumbs.

The trick to placing different controls in BGMI two-finger setup is to place controls within proximity to your thumb. This makes the movements fast, ensuring you engage in battle as quickly as possible.

Taking more time than necessary will get you and your teammates in trouble.

Best 2 Finger Setup in PUBG Mobile

Here is a simple, easy to use and only 2 finger thumb layout in BGMI you will ever need.

BGMI: 2 Finger claw Layout

BGMI 2 finger control Code

BGMI 2 finger control Code

BGMI 2 finger layout code

Here is the layout code for 2 finger layout. If this link has not expired, then you can use this code to directly import the layout to your device.

However, if the layout code has expired, then you can copy the above two-finger BGMI layout.

2 Finger BGMI control setting

The idea is to have all the controls as close as possible. So, you need to place the buttons in close proximity to your thumb.

In the two-finger thumb layout, Joystick peek buttons rest on the left side of the screen. On the right screen, you have your fire button, jump, crouch, reload, scope, and lay down buttons.

This layout may or may not work for you. You can create your two-finger claw layout as per your choice. This layout gives you an idea of where the controls are best placed.

BGMI: Two Finger Claw Sensitivity settings

Here are some additional but equally important settings for your reference.

Camera Sensitivity (free look)

2 finger BGMI sensitivity
3rd Person Camera100%
1st Person Camera80%


2 finger BGMI ADS Sensitivity
3rd Person No Scope50%
1st Person No Scope50%
Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist20%
2x Scope20%
3x Scope10%
4x ACOG Scope, VSS10%
6x Scope8-10%
8x Scope6-8%

ADS Sensitivity

2 finger ADS Sensitivity BGMI
3rd Person No Scope100%
1st Person No Scope80%
Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist50%
2x Scope40%
3x Scope40%
4x ACOG Scope, VSS 35%
6x Scope31%
8x Scope9%

Two Finger Gyroscope sensitivity settings

2 finger BGMI gyroscope sensitivity
3rd Person No Scope350%
1st Person No Scope350%
Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist280%
2x Scope300%
3x Scope175%
4x ACOG Scope, VSS170%
6x Scope47%
8x Scope40%

Best Two Finger PUBG Mobile Players

The two competitive BGMI 2-finger players to get inspired from, are Mavi and Jonathan. Both have many achievements under their name. And it is very hard to compare one with the other.

Even in 2023, they continue to dominate BGMI using 2 Finger layout, high gyroscope sensitivity, and excellent game sense.

Both these players have active Youtube channels where they go live from time to time showcasing their high fragging and effective game sense.

BGMI 2 Finger claw Layout vs BGMI 4 Finger claw Layout

2 finger thumb BGMI4 finger setup
Easy to master.Takes time to master.
Better Gyroscope control.Less stable gyro control.
Cannot control more than two controls at a time.You can easily crouch, peek, move, and fire at a given instance.
Better for small screen devices.Better to use on large screen mobiles or tablets/iPad.
More screen visible.Less screen visibility.

Why should I use 2 Finger Layout In BGMI?

There are several reasons to use a 2-finger layout in BGMI over a 3-finger or even 4-finger layout.

One is the size of your screen. Using the three-finger set up or even the four-finger claw on a small screen will eventually cover the bulk of the device screen. This would result in less visibility. That means you cannot see the surroundings. In most cases, this will be fatal!

Another good reason to use a two-finger claw layout in BGMI is its stability in Gyroscope mode. You can control long-range firing in a more balanced way. Having more control is not the only advantage you’ll have.

The third advantage is that you get wider visibility. Having more screens to see will help you to locate enemies faster. Before jumping into the article, I’ll say two-finger thumb has the simplest layout. It is easy to use, and you can master it very quickly.


In summary, I want to let you know that you can have one of the best BGMI Mobile gameplay even if you use two-finger claw settings. If the other two setups do not work for you, the two-finger thumb setup will most definitely help you out! Don’t forget to practice in the training room.

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