Best Open world games on PC you should play right now!

best open world games on pc
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top open world games on pc

Open world games on pc are becoming more competent and comprehensive. These games take you into a different reality and can keep you there for weeks. Even, some games have additional features added making the whole experience lot sweeter.

These games are characterized by a huge map and scattered locations. In-between, we can complete a variety of side missions, quests, and achievements. And if you don’t want to complete missions just hang around the map. The possibility of playing open-environment games are endless. One thing I love about open world games on the PC. 

But, to save your time, I personally have created a complete list of top open world games on PC that are worth your time.

Best open world games for PC

1) CyberPunk 2077

The Cyberpunk 2077 is finally released after a long wait. This action-packed open world game takes you through the Night-city filled with power and charm. Once you complete the intro stage of the game, you can go where you like on the map to explore different locations. 

The story goes on as you play V and take on the city with various missions. The decisions you are going to make will impact both your character and the world around you.  Besides, you will get a ton of choices for side missions and to customize your character with some cool techy stuff

The game incorporates a very long game-time of 100 hours on the missions. So, you can imagine the drama and actions that will be involved in this RPG open world game on PC.

Lastly, you need to be prepared for a roller-coaster ride. The Cyberpunk 2077 is funny, dark, emotional, and full of aggression. 

2) GTA V (one of the Top open world games on PC)

GTA V is one of the most famous open world games out there. The game offers both single-player and multiplayer options. Even after so many years after its release, this game still jumps ahead of its rivals.

Furthermore, no one comes close to this game as to what it has to offer. Supercars, fancy clothes, or even mayhem are classic GTA attributes. 

Take down the police, kill the sharks, gun down pedestrians, or even fly a military helicopter. The possibilities are endless with what can be done in GTA V apart from missions. I think this is the only game you can play endlessly without doing a single mission. AND still, have fun with it. 

GTA V comes with a huge list of varied missions and side-missions. And, the GTA V cheats codes for PC leaves endless entertainment for everyone. And the graphics go to as much as your PC can spare. Even if you have a low-cost graphics card on your PC, you can still enjoy this game with some decent FPS on medium settings.

Indeed, GTA V is a must have open world game for PC.

3) Metal Gear Solid V

The Metal Gear Solid V opens up in the Afghan countryside. You are left on your own to explore the open world game. And yes, you get a horse too. Sooner, you will realize how complex the Metal Gear V really is. Just trust me when I say, it’s all worth it. The open world in the game gets very real with the dynamic weather. Furthermore,  surroundings play a big role in determining your choices.

I have played this game for more than 100 hours. Every time I start this open world game on PC, it feels very different. Sometimes, you’ll go full stealth mode ON. And on the other days, you won’t be able to control that burning aggression. 

In fact, Metal Gear Solid V is a well thought out game. There are missions, side-missions, and an intimidating open world. As soon as you start riding the horse, the game has choices for you. The decisions that will take you on a breathtaking journey.


Minecraft - open world games on PC

Whether you are a kid or an adult, you will never regret playing Minecraft. 

Minecraft is one of the free open world games on pc that tingles each corner of your creativity. This open world game for PC stands out from other games in terms of its appearance. Literally, you start with having nothing in this open environment game. You have to scavenge for supplies, food, and other valuable resources. And to build stuff from the things you find.

Knowing how to create items is very necessary for your survival in Minecraft. There is no specific guidance on this, but you can help yourself out by exploring a bit. Furthermore, referring to the internet for help isn’t a bad idea either.

Lastly, Minecraft is a fun to play game with monsters in it attacking you at night. All you need to do is to survive. And how you survive depends on your instincts. I love how the game allows you to build things in your way.

5) Forza Horizon 4 (Racing open world games on pc)

Forza Horizon 4

Forza Horizon 4 is one of the best car racing games on PC. The game is filled with different challenges on all the maps. There are hardly any super-race cars that you’ll not see in FH4. The game is filled with races and exciting side-quests. But, what blew my mind was the quality of graphics in this car racing game on PC. Forza Horizon 4 is one of the top open world games on PC filled with beautiful roads to race and with scenic beauty. 

Mainly, there are drift, rally racing, drag, and normal race modes in the game. And the audio quality is on point with Forza.

The cars feel as if almost real. No racing game can come to the details Forza provides to its audience. Literally, the way you can customize the cars will blow your mind. Even the nameplate can be changed. Now, how cool is that?

Above all, I embrace the open world setting of the game where you can have fun with your supercar. With new locations added, this Forza Horizon 4 is a must-try for all.

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6) Red Dead Redemption 2

RDR 2 - open world games on PC

RDR 2 caught my attention mainly due to its wild west environment. It takes us back to the dying days of the wild west. The industrialization has taken over America and the remaining few Mafia gangs must surrender. Else, it’s the death penalty that the cops will deliver. Amidst all this, Arthur’s life has been limited to survival and loyalty towards his gang. 

You will find many things to do in this open world game for PC. One of the best storytelling combined with an open-world. Take your eyes off from your mission and it’s a wreck. Alongside, the visual graphics are breathtaking. If you can set your settings on high or ultra, man, it feels like a movie. That’s the level of drama present in the cut scenes. One of Rockstar’s best games ever. 

7) Far Cry 4 (open-world game with million activities)

One question I still hear from people is that if Far Cry 4 is still worth it.

Yes, it definitely is.

This game presents you with entirely different topography and a rich open world. It is a type of an open world game for PC that feels very real in its storyline. Ajay Ghale returning to his country which he left during the civil war. But, he is back to disperse his mother’s ashes. In no time, he gets involved in fighting against the cruel leader of Kyrat.

This time, Far cry 4 has been set up in the Himalayas. There is a whole new open-world to discover in this game. There are missions, side-missions, and plenty of collectibles left for you to explore. And plenty of resources you can use to your advantage. Just keep whatever you find. The tough terrain in this game requires every bit of your items.

With 4 different endings, there are enough hours on this game that’ll keep you locked to your PC.

8) Far cry 5

Far cry 5 - open world game for pc

We talked about Far Cry 4 being placed in the Himalayas in which Ajay Ghale fights the cruel king. But, Far Cry 5 has been set up in Hope County, Montana. Villains are different and so are the allies.

You are the sheriff’s deputy who has been sent to talk to a religious cult led by a charismatic but evil-hearted leader. The Religious cult won’t give up, eventually, leading to a fight to free the besieged community.

But, what I love about this game is the scenic beauty it grants. This is one of the best open world games on PC that lets you feel its skies, lakes, and open lands. And gameplay that leads to a memorable ending.

Besides, there are a lot of fun activities such as fishing, hunting, wingsuit, and crafting. The new Hire system lets you Guns, friends, or Animal Companions.

9) Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey

Assassin's creed odyssey: open world game for PC
Assassin’s creed odyssey

Assassins Creed: Odyssey has every flavor in it whether it is action or romance. Being set up in Ancient Greece, you can find yourself in the middle of a fight between Athens and Sparta.

There are two protagonists left for you to pick and play. The game is roughly 50-60 hours long. And the cutscenes depict a well-crafted struggle.

Moreover, each character in the game has its own uniqueness. This makes the game feel so good and very much enjoyable.

This is a very huge open world game for PC left for you to explore with vast possibilities.

Assassins Creed Odyssey builds over your decisions. And as the game moves forward you can see that the story turns into a big picture. 

10) GTA Vice City

GTA Vice City

Nowadays, Vice city may be a big no for some people. But, which game well equipped other than vice city that gives you a true 80’s kinda vibe. Vice city is such an open world game on PC that allows you to do enough with itself. The map is vast with numerous choices that are spread amidst the city. And you may need to travel across the city just to complete a mission. 

So, buy multiple properties, drive fast cars, wipe gangs, or use some classic vice city cheat codes, there are a lot of things to do other than completing the missions. Lastly, don’t forget to bug with the cops.

Final words on open world games on pc

In conclusion, I want to say that all the open world games mentioned in this article are unique in many ways. They can provide you a good choice other than the shooter games like COD, EFT, or Valorant. Or any other genre.

However, I keep updating the list from time-to-time depending on the top games I play. Sometimes, I just add a few or drop some from the list according to their relevance.

Lastly, I am pretty much sure that these games will blow your mind with their gameplay. And munch away your time :).


Q1) What is the best open world game for pc?

Based on what I saw in various forums, these were the most popular open-world games on pc.
1) GTA V
2) Minecraft
3) Witcher 3
4) Assassin’s Creed
5) Batman: Arkham Night

Q2) Which game has the best open world?

No game can come close to GTA 5’s real-world setting and environment. Another game is Forza Horizon 4, one of the best car racing games one can play in 2021.

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