Top 5 Best GPU for AMD Ryzen 3 3200G – A Definitive List!

best gpu for ryzen 3 3200G
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Here, in this article, we present you with the Best GPU for AMD Ryzen 3 3200G that is low on price and high on performance.

The AMD Ryzen 3 3200G APU is an excellent choice for an entry-level gaming PC built. The 3200G APU without any dedicated graphics card can give you a 1080p gaming experience in some of the most popular titles.

But, to be honest, the 3200G is not enough to run heavy AAA titles alone. To enjoy heavy AAA titles, you need a dedicated GPU.

Therefore, it becomes extremely important to know that which GPUs are going to pair in best possible way with the Ryzen 3 3200G.

But first, a bit of background about Ryzen 3 3200G!

Ryzen 3 3200G is the successor to 2400G. It has faster processing power and higher clock speeds that significantly attracted people to low-end PC builds.

A Quick GPU Buying Guide!

Before buying a GPU, you need to consider at least five things as mentioned below. Having known these things, you can be confident that you are going to buy the Best Graphics Card for your PC Build.

Let’s see a brief overview of each aspect.

1) Price

You need to consider how much you are willing to spend on a new GPU. It becomes confusing with so many choices if you have not decided on your budget.

GPUs come in all price segments. They can cost as little as $200 and go up to a whopping price above $2000.

So, it is very much recommended to keep in mind whether you are going for a low-end graphics card, a mid-range option, or the ultimate graphics card.

Since we choose some of the best GPUs for Ryzen 3 3200G, the GPU price will range between $199 and $899.


The next thing is which brand do you prefer?

Speaking of graphics card manufacturers, there are two big names in this industry. One is AMD, while the other is NVIDIA.

You can choose any of these brands. Both AMD and NVIDIA manufacture good quality graphics cards without compromising on any criteria.

So, whether you go with AMD or NVIDIA depends on your personal preference and experience.

If you are a newbie and do not know much about any of these brands, I’d say go with any brand.

3) Cores

AMD has named its cores as Shaders, while NVIDIA has gone with the name of CUDA cores.

The main task of cores is the same as that of cores found in a processor or a CPU.

Cores are responsible for work distribution to get the highest graphical processing per second. In simple words, more cores mean smoother gameplay and higher FPS.

4) Memory type, bit rate and Clock Speeds

Memory type: You’ll often see a memory type associated with a GPU named either DDR3 or DDR5. In such cases, choose the DDR5 memory type

 no matter what. Never go with a DDR3 memory type for a PC build.

Bit-rate: Nothing much to say here. Choose a GPU with at least a 128-bit rate.

Clock Speeds: After you know the concept of cores and graphical processing in a GPU, the next thing you need to consider is the clock speed. The clock speed represents how fast actions will be performed in each core. These actions are related to graphical processing and hugely determine the FPS and smoothness of a game.

5) Power Requirements

Another thing you must make sure that the power requirement of your GPU complements the PSU. So, make sure that whatever power supply you are going for is enough for the video card to function normally.

Best Graphics card / GPU for Ryzen 3 3200G

Best GPU for Ryzen 3 3200GMemory Typecoresclock Frequency range (MHz)
AMD Radeon RX 570GDDR520481168 – 1244
AMD Radeon RX 580GDDR523041257 – 1340
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 SuperGDDR614081530 – 1785
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660GDDR614081530 – 1785
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650GDDR612801530 – 1725

Fed up of the buying guide!

Now, lets jump straight in action and juice out some of the best GPU for AMD Ryzen 3 3200G.

1) AMD Radeon RX 570

AMD Radeon RX 570

Product Specifications

  • Stream Processors – 2048
  • Compute Units – 32
  • Base Frequency – 1168 MHz
  • Turbo Frequency – 1244 MHz
  • Memory Type – GDDR5
  • Minimum PSU Recommendation – 450 W

Check the Price of AMD Radeon RX 570 on Amazon

A deeper Radeon RX 570 Review

Even this year, Ryzen 3 3200G combined with RX 570 is what most gamers will recommend for a low price PC build and enjoyable gaming at 1080p. And I am no different than those who love this combo. There are reasons for it.

Let’s catch them!

The Ryzen 3 3200G paired with RX 570 is an absolute minimum to play games at 1080p high settings with a decent FPS that averages around 60. In addition, a configuration so essential can also handle low to medium video or graphical processing.

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Below is the link for you that will list several games that you can play with a very good frame rate and pretty smooth gameplay.

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The gaming experience on Radeon RX 570 is smooth. For a newbie gamer, it is everything to keep you entertained for a few years before you finally upgrade to a better configuration.

Not to forget, some heavy AAA games might bottleneck depending on the settings you have put up. But, at 1080p high setting, you’ll find no bottleneck in most games. The backup also depends on how long is the video card exposed to a particular setting.


  • A basic and economical setup,
  • Most AAA titles average around 60-65 FPS,
  • Low to none bottlenecking.


  • Heating issues.

2) AMD Radeon RX 580

AMD Radeon RX 580

Product Specifications

  • Stream Processors – 2304
  • Compute Units – 36
  • Base Frequency – 1257 MHz
  • Turbo Frequency – 1340 MHz
  • Memory Type – GDDR5
  • Minimum PSU Recommendation – 500 W

check the price of AMD Radeon RX 580 on amazon

A deeper Radeon RX 580 Review

I call the Ryzen 3 3200G and RX 580 configuration an ultimate combo for a low-end PC. This combo is effective whether you calculate it in video editing, graphic editing, or 1080p gaming. The RX 580 is the ideal CPU for Ryzen 3 3200G for minimum bottleneck and high-end performance.

The RX 580 paired with Ryzen 3 3200G is capable enough to serve you for years on end. This pair can handle 1080p gaming on high settings with at least 75 frames per second.

In addition, the bottleneck is very low compared to other configurations that we will mention.

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The great thing about the RX 580 is that it is very versatile. In the future, you can invest in a good CPU and leave the entire PC configuration as it is, only if the RAM allows. A win-win situation.

Coming to the gaming part, the 3200G-RX 580 configurations will give you a minimum of 60 FPS on most games.

At 1080p high settings, I got a minimum of 70 FPS on games like:

  • PUBG,
  • Far Cry 5,
  • Apex Legends,
  • The Witcher 3,
  • Last of Us,
  • Battlefield V.

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Other games like GTA V, Valorant, CS: GO, Warzone had no issues running at such high settings while giving an average frame rate higher than 80 FPS.

And to test the waters, I turned the settings to epic on Fortnite, and to my surprise, this pair squeezed a frame rate of 80 per second.


  • No frame drops,
  • Runs any game smoothly at 1080p high settings,
  • Low noise levels.


  • Use a lot more power than NVIDIA.

3) NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Super

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Super - GPU for ryzen 3 3200g

Product Specifications

  • CUDA Cores – 1408
  • Base Frequency – 1530 MHz
  • Turbo Frequency – 1785 MHz
  • Memory Type – GDDR6
  • Minimum PSU Recommendation – 450 W

check the price of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Super on amazon

A deeper GTX 1660 Super Review

If you want an NVIDIA graphics card in your Ryzen 3 3200G gaming rig, your first choice should be 1660 Super. The 1660 super has the least bottleneck after AMD’s Radeon RX 570. In addition, this configuration can handle all the 1080p gaming in highest of settings(for most games).

Since I have used this configuration in the past, I found no problem running heavy AAA titles. In some games, the FPS averaged around 70-80 at high settings


While games like CS:GO and Valorant averages an FPS rate of 100+, the demanding games like PUBG, Warzone, fortnite and Battlefield V averaged an impressive FPS of 80+.

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Other AAA titles that gave an FPS rate of 75-80 at 1080p high settings are mentioned below:

  1. RDR 2,
  2. The Witcher 3,
  3. Far Cry,
  4. Last of Us II,
  5. Rainbow Six Seige.

Besides gaming, the Ryzen 3 3200G paired with 1660 super is also capable of handling CPU extensive tasks. Not to forget, the video or graphical processing feels a bit smoother than Radeon RX 570.

All in all, this configuration can serve you with enjoyable gaming experience and smooth day to day tasks for years to come.


  • Higher frame rate,
  • Stays at nominal temperatures,
  • low to none bottleneck configuration.


  • Few RTX features.

4) NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660

NVIDIA GeForce - GPU for ryzen 3 3200g

Product Specifications

  • CUDA Cores – 1408
  • Base Frequency – 1530 MHz
  • Turbo Frequency – 1785 MHz
  • Memory Type – GDDR6
  • Minimum PSU Recommendation – 450 W

check the price of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 on amazon

A deeper GeForce GTX 1660 Review

Another good GPU to pair with Ryzen 3 3200G is NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 1660. This combination is good enough to handle the most popular AAA titles ever produced at an average FPS rate of around 55-65.

Inspired by its predecessors, the GTX 1660 is even more capable of handling day-to-day tasks like a beast. In addition, it can tolerate low to medium CPU-heavy video edits


The bottleneck is another important criterion that needs to be addressed. The Ryzen 3 3200G and GTX 1660 combo has a bottleneck of less than 10%, confirmed by various forums.

At 1080p high settings, the following games gave me an average FPS between 55-75.

  • Cyberpunk 2077,
  • RDR 2,
  • Witcher 3,
  • Watchdogs,
  • Last of Us series.

Whereas below mentioned games gave an average FPS of 80 and above.

  • Battlefield V,
  • Fortnite,
  • PUBG,
  • Valorant,
  • GTA V,
  • COD: Warzone,
  • Hitman.

To my surprise, Forza Horizon 4, one of the best racing games on PC, squeezed an FPS of more than 80. Now, this is what I consider to be the perfect icing for a budget PC build.


  • Superb 1080p performance,
  • Requires lesser power,
  • Quiet and stable in the long run.


  • Based on outdated NVIDIA pascal architecture.

5) GeForce GTX 1650

GeForce GTX 1650 Super - GPU for ryzen 3 3200g

Product Specifications

  • CUDA Cores – 1280
  • Base Frequency – 1530 MHz
  • Turbo Frequency – 1725 MHz
  • Memory Type – GDDR6
  • Minimum PSU Recommendation – 350 W

check the price of GeForce GTX 1650 on amazon

A deeper GeForce GTX 1650 Review

The Ryzen 3 3200G and GTX 1650 combination is a minimalistic PC build for reliable and good enough gaming. Buying a cheaper graphics card than 1650 will cost you a good gaming experience.

In the games mentioned below, you are going to get a very enjoyable gaming experience. Also, the average FPS will stay more than 60 at 1080p high settings.

  • Valorant,
  • CS:GO,
  • Warzone,
  • Apex legends,
  • Battlefield V,
  • GTA V.

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The real problem starts when you want to play heavy AAA titles on such a low-budget configuration.

You cannot appreciate all AAA titles on a GTX 1650 as it is not made for games that are heavily oriented towards graphics.

There is going to be a significant frame drop in many games. And in most cases, you will get an FPS rate that will lie between 40-50 FPS.

An alternative to this problem is to go for GTX 1650 Super, which means that you can play all the games at high settings while getting a good FPS that averages more than 65 for heavy AAA titles.


The reason that I would go for GTX 1650 is for playing common FPS games like CS:GO, valorant, Battlefield V and GTA V. For someone in school who wants to play games every now and then to refresh and relax, such configuration is going be more than required.

But, for a true gamer wanting to enjoy every single second of gaming while staying in a budget, I’ll not recommend this combination.

The choice, however, stays with you!

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  • Silent,
  • Power efficient,
  • Faster performance that a GTX 1050 Ti.


  • Better alternatives available like 1660 or 1660 super,
  • Not fit to play all the AAA titles.


Before concluding this article, I strongly recommend you not go for a cheaper graphics card like GTX 1050 Ti. The problem with low-end graphics cards is that they are not future-proof.

You can pick any of the above mentioned GPU for Ryzen 3 3200G and pair it with a better PC configuration which you cannot do with low-end GPUs.

Low-End GPUs are a use and throw kind of a deal. You enjoy them for a while, and then they become a waste of money after few years because they are not suitable for mid range PC builds.

Furthermore, cheap video cards cause bottlenecks many times when paired with mid or high-range processors PC builds.

Therefore, it is best to invest a little extra and be future-proof.

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