Best car racing games for PC in 2021 & beyond!

Forza Horizon 4
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Today, Racing games are becoming more relevant as gamers are exploring new gaming genres. Racing games provide good refreshment and are fun to play. Besides, everyone likes to drive. But, how do you know if a game you see is worth purchasing? How to choose the best car racing games for PC? Which racing game is good enough?

The answer is quite simple. Choose a racing-style that you are most interested in! Further, you can adapt to varied genres of racing. In this article, I’ll walk you through some of the best car race games in their respective genres. Also, these games will provide you with a better upgrade choice if you are bored of playing the same old games.

Hopefully, by the end of this article, you’ll know which car racing games for PC deserves your time.

And with a proper AMD vs Intel Processor understanding, you too can get the most out of any racing game you play.

In this Article, we'll see:


1) FORZA HORIZON 4 – Best car race game?

Forza Horizon 4
Forza Horizon 4

Forza Horizon 4 is a must-try car racing games on PC. With new locations and stunning audio, you can never get enough from this racing game. And the textures feel almost realistic. The list of cars that you can choose from is immense. You can drift, drag, race, or rally race.

Also, you have the control to change the looks of the car at any time. Either change the color or add a nameplate with the name of your choice.

FH4 is filled with challenges on different map locations. All the challenges, emote, the wheel spins, new map locations, and hills make Forza one the best racing game.

Lastly, the game feels a whole different experience if you build a gaming PC on a higher end.


2) F1 2020-best among F1 car racing games for PC?

Another best racing game on PC, considering your views on F1 racing, is F1 2020.

 If you love F1, then, there is no better game than the F1 series by Codemasters. In the new 2020 F1 version, they’ve proved themselves yet again. The game feels even more refreshing and rewarding.

F1 2020 offers an immersive F1 experience

, enough to keep you on the edge of your seats. There are a lot of events that you can compete in the game.

The new MyTeam career mode allows you to create your own F1 team. You have to manage everything, unlike in the 2019 version, where you could control a part of the team.

You choose your own cars, sponsors, second driver, colors, logo, racing suit, and the power unit. Besides, a player has complete charge of how the team works. 



Do you love the GT world series and championships? Or have you ever desired to feel a GT car? If you said yes, you need to check out Assetto Corsa Competizione.

This game packs some of the best GT cars. And with those GT cars rolling on the track, you can feel your heart pounding all the time. The game feels almost realistic. And the audio is very much on point.

Furthermore, there is no tutorial on how to play the game. But, the assists in the game help you get the idea of handling the GT cars. The game offers different weather and time conditions to race. You can either race in day mode, night mode, or in the dynamic mode where everything changes.

Mixed weather, changing time settings, beautiful GT cars, and the big brands make this game worth trying out!



Project Cars 2 is one of the best car racing PC games

I have ever played. There are around 170 cars from top car manufacturers. So, if you love to drive race cars, this car race game is for you. And as an added bonus there is a huge collection of races in the game
that is enough to keep you behind the wheel.

Personally speaking, everything feels fresh in this segment of project cars. The cars, sounds, weather, or be it the AI are so well renewed in this game than its predecessor. But, what grabbed my attention was the dynamic weather & the day/night mode. Now, what is better than that for a sim racer.

Project cars 2 comes with a new online championship mode to race in multiplayer mode. So, there’s no way you’ll be bored from this top-notch PC car racing game. Not to forget, this game is very hard to master.

You need to spend hours behind that wheel before you start getting wins. Every turn requires your attentiveness to the car dynamics. Nevertheless, Project cars 2 is a must-try racing game on PC for all.

BOLT RATING – 8.5/10

5) NFS: Heat- Open world car racing game for PC

Need for speed: Heat is an open-world racing game. It offers two distinct modes that a player choose manually:

  • Day mode
  • Night mode

There are legal races in the day mode that gets you various cash prizes. You can exchange the cash for different mods.

However, the night time is all about illegal racing. These races pay off extra money and better rewards. The rewards are given based on the heat level a player has accumulated. Heat level increases as you join more dangerous night events. As the heat level increases, the cops after you also rise. The night mode is what the heat is all about in NFS.

Personally, I love how the NFS franchise has designed the game. Everything feels just right. The story, cars, city, drifts, racing, and the cops, each element of the game blends elegantly to provide you an enjoyable Need for Speed environment.

BOLT RATING – 8.5/10

6) Grid 2019

Grid 2019 is a well-crafted game that offers both career mode and online multiplayer mode. This car racing game is full of long and tiring race series. You can find any car between stock cars and professional F1 cars in this powerful game. Also, bizarre racing tracks make the game much more exciting to play.

The Grid has soft and harsh weather conditions. You can race on a warm sunny day all the way to extreme rainy weather conditions. Personally, I love the harsh rainy climate where any mistake could cost you the race. 

Besides, the game has got a new nemesis system. This system incites a sense of rage in AI cars if you hit it. The result is that cars will come back for revenge.

Despite this, some players might get bored as the career option is very time-consuming. So, keep this in mind. 

In the end, the game needs to be tried out at least once


7) THE CREW 2 (Fly, race & sail)

Crew-2- Car racing game for PC

The Crew 2 feels much like GTA or NFS. The game offers an open-world environment with various events and side tasks to participate in. Besides, you can enjoy a cruise or race with your friends in online mode.

The unique thing about Crew 2 is that you can race, fly, or sail. And a player can smoothly shift through them in the races. The fact that the game has other cruising options makes it stand out from many racing games out there! 

There is a large number of cars that a person can choose. The only downside is that the upgrades take much of your currency. But, you can quickly gather some by completing side events.

Now, coming to the point that whether you should go for the Crew 2 or not?

Never expect a pure racing experience from the Crew 2. There are other games to meet those requirements.

The Crew 2 is for people who want to race in a more chilled way!


8) DIRT 4 ( for the love of rally racing)

Dirt 4 is one of those games that serves its purpose as a rally racing game in a very modern way. The graphics are good, with audio being crisp & to the point.

 This game explores your flexibility in testing conditions in the racing world. These being track surface, climate, and the turns. You really cannot shift your focus off the Dirt 4. And the game never feels repetitive because of its ‘Your Stage’ feature. This feature helps to create endless tracks, all thanks to Science.

 Lastly, if you want to try Rally racing, go for Dirt 4. Certain things in the game make it so much different from other rally simulators. 


9) I-RACING( Multiplayer car racing game for PC)

I-racing is an online car racing game for PC. This game is for you if you want to compete against real players. Players from across the globe join you in Multiplayer races. The game feels very natural in terms of dynamics.

The game feels very hard where you need to train for hours before getting into the online races. For that reason, you’ll need to spend most time practicing.

 Each hit you take in an online race will lower your safety rating. A lower safety rating will restrict you from racing online. Inversely, a higher rating will lead you to better competitive races. Finishing the cross line in this online car racing game feels like a different experience altogether.

Go for I-Racing if you don’t mind playing hard and/or extreme racing games.



Being completely different from its predecessor, Project cars 3 still manages to grab your attention. This racing game for PC remains a good choice for beginner sim racers. Mostly due to the fact that many hardcore car racing elements have been taken off.

The new career mode offers a new way to command your cars in different track settings. Now, the mode is itself very exhausting comprising different cars and a lot of races. This, I think, is great for a newbie.

This is one of the racing car games for PC with a very beautiful track design. And, the dynamic weather just completes the unpredictability of racing.

Still, the game has taken more hate from the Project cars 2 fans. To be honest, it is well deserved as the game feels complete different. Many features from the predecessor have been taken off. This leaves the game less of a hardcore sim racing game.

Warning – Do not try this game if you are a fan of the project cars 2.


11) DIRT RALLY 2.0

Dirt rally 2.0 is an entirely different genre of what we’ve discussed so far. This car race game is hardcore, intense, and pushes you off the road due to its very nature. Loose and slippery racing tracks require focused attention all the time. Failing to which can cost you the race. In my view, it is not suitable to play DR 2 as your first race game. 

There is a wide range of cars to take on the track, including the GT series and the muscle cars. Also, the game offers an extensive set of series in which you can compete. There are varied weather seasons making cars tricky to handle on wet trails.

To mention, the game often feels very repetitive. Therefore, my suggestion is to try this game if you love offroad/Rally racing.


It is very evident from the post that there is a whole lot of racing genres that you can play or at least try. While NFS offers a sharp story mode, games like I-Racing allows you to play a multiplayer race in a complicated real world.

But, if you are still confused, watch some review videos & articles to know what the game has to offer. Or browse through some gaming forums. Certainly, these will help you to decide the race game you will play.

Lastly, I hope that I helped you decide on your new car racing games for PC. If not, let us know those games you would like to see on the list.

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