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COD: Mobile settings
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call of duty mobile
My first kill in COD: Mobile

Call of Duty is finally available for mobile players. And this game keeps on getting better and better with every update. This game is a big deal for COD fans. With COD coming to mobile, CODM has seen a lot of attention with its release. Also, mobile gamers have got another option to dominate one more game on their screens. If you do not know the best call of duty mobile settings, you will struggle to keep up in the game.

You can try to copy the 3 finger PUBG layout or the 4 finger PUBG Layout as both of their settings are quite similar. But, this will only waste your time. And time is of the essence when you are learning a new Layout.

The reason to know the best sensitivity for Call of Duty Mobile is to improve your gameplay within a minimum time span. You can try to figure out the best CODM controls all by yourself. But that will only waste your time away. So, why not check our article which has the best CODM settings.

If you want the best gameplay in Call of duty Mobile, you need two things. The first is to adjust the best CODM controls that work for you and the second is to train with it.

If that makes a difference, keep the same settings for different matches. And if it does not work for you, slightly adjust the settings and try again. In most cases, you will find the best settings on the first go only.

A lot has been said. Let’s see some mobile controls of Call of duty Mobile.

How to download Call of duty Mobile?

You can download the Call of Duty Mobile iOS or android version by clicking these links or by using the following steps.

  1. Open App Store/ Playstore.
  2. Search for Call of Duty Mobile.
  3. Click Download to install the Call of Duty Mobile Latest version.
  4. Open the game to install some additional game files.
  5. Log in using any of the mentioned methods.

Call of Duty Mobile Requirements(Minimum)

  • You can play COD: Mobile on iPhone 5s or later, updated to iOS 9.0.
  • And for Android Mobile, the minimum requirement is Android version 5.1 having at least 2GB RAM.

Best Call of Duty mobile settings

Two Finger CODM settings

two finger settings in CODM
Basic two finger setup

The main trick in the two-finger layout in CODM is that it should provide the fastest reach to the buttons. This is important because we are using two fingers, so we must not lack in response time

. Therefore, all the controls should be as close as possible.

The tip here is to keep all the buttons near the fire button on the right side. The joystick will remain on the left-hand side with the second fire button. Also, you can keep the control buttons as per your wish. But, the layout should be tight.

You can try to switch from this layout to three-finger claw layout. Or if you wish, four finger claw layout is also a good choice as it allows you to use multiple controls at a single time.

Three Finger Claw Layout – Call of Duty Mobile

three finger claw layout in call of duty mobile
Three finger setup

You can play this layout with three fingers. The two thumbs control the Left and Right controls on this Call of Duty Mobile Layout

. The index finger is responsible for the firing purpose. This layout is one of the advanced setups to play the game. It is relatively easier to play well while using this layout than the two-finger controls.

This is my favorite layout as it is complex, fast, and simple at the same time. Complex in a way that the three-finger claw layout in COD mobile is a bit tough to master than the two-finger layout. It is fast because this layout gives you to control multiple actions at the same time.

The fire button rests on the top left corner just above the Joystick. And on the right hand side, you have the Aim, reload, Jump and crouch controls.

Four Finger Claw Layout – Call of Duty Mobile

four finger claw layout in call of duty mobile
four finger setup

Four finger layout in Call of Duty Mobile is very time-consuming to master. But, this layout if mastered will let you have an unfair advantage over your opponent. You can control multiple actions at the same time. You can fire, move, crouch, and aim all at the same time.

In a typical four-finger setting, we use two thumbs in the same way as we use them in two finger controls. In addition, the two index fingers lie on either side of the screen, helping you to fire and whatever you choose to put there.

But Hey, How do I practice four-finger layout with gyroscope sensitivity?

First piece of advice is to practice multiplayer matches using the Sensitivity we have given in the later section of this article.

Second is to have patience and try this layout for a week consistently.

The third is to observe how you are performing. If you are not getting better, go back to three-finger layout settings. Or even to the two-finger setup.

Call of Duty Mobile sensitivity settings

Camera Sensitivity

Call of duty Mobile Camera sensitivity part 1
call of duty settings
Third-person sensitivity250-260
FPP view Turning Sensitivity135-145
Tactical Scope Sensitivity80
3x Tactical Scope55-65
4x Tactical Scope50
Sniper Scope Sensitivity50-55
6x Tactical Scope40
8x Tactical Scope30

Firing Sensitivity

Call of Duty Mobile Firing sensitivity
CODM sensitivity settings
Third-person sensitivity80
FPP view Turning Sensitivity70-80
Tactical Scope Sensitivity60-70
3x Tactical Scope60
4x Tactical Scope50-55
Sniper Scope Sensitivity40-50
6x Tactical Scope40
8x Tactical Scope30

Call of Duty Mobile Gyroscope sensitivity settings

Call of duty Mobile Gyroscope Sensitivity settings
CODM controls
Third-person sensitivity50-60
FPP view Turning Sensitivity70
Tactical Scope Sensitivity30-35
3x Tactical Scope15-17
4x Tactical Scope25-30
Sniper Scope Sensitivity15-20
6x Tactical Scope25
8x Tactical Scope20-25
Free view Sensitivity80

How to play Call of Duty Mobile?


In summary, there is no perfect Call of Duty Mobile settings. If you have observed carefully, it is all about personal preference and what suits best for you. These call of duty mobile layout and sensitivities will give you a basic fine-tuned idea of how to approach the game. But, the final work and training need to be done from your end only.

However, the layouts mentioned are similar to the Three-Finger claw layout in PUBG Mobile and the classic Four-Finger claw Layout in PUBG Mobile. The only difference is how the two games feel with respect to their environment.

Lastly, it is all about enjoying the process and not taking the game very seriously. After all, it is just a game.


1) Call of duty mobile keep crashing, What to do?

–> Clear app Cache.
–> switch ON/OFF the phone.
–> reinstall the game.
–> Make sure you have the minimum system requirements.

2) How many GB is cod Mobile?

The size of the Call of Duty Mobile is around 1.5 GB. However, there are more resource files installed once you open the game for the first time.

3) What devices can play Call of Duty Mobile?

You can easily play Call of Duty Mobile on Apple iOS devices running iOS version 9.0 or later. And Android version 5.1 for Android users.

4) Is Call of Duty Mobile completely free?

The game COD Mobile is free to download from App Store/ Playstore. But, it is not completely free as the game has got in-app purchases which players mostly buy.

5) How to change Server in COD Mobile?

You can change server in Call of Duty Mobile by using a VPN.

6) Which country made Call of Duty Mobile?

COD Mobile is made by Activision and Garena. The Source of the game are located in US and Singapore.

7) Is Call of Duty Mobile Chinese?


8) Is COD Mobile banned in India?

No, the game is available for free on both Apple And Playstore.

9) Does Call of Duty Mobile have Bots?

As you step into the Call of Duty Mobile Multiplayer mode has got bots. There are mostly present to train you and give you an idea of the game. The training you receive in the first match of the game use bots.

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