How to become a COP in GTA 5 story mode?

become a police officer in gta 5
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How to become a cop in gta 5 story mode
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Are you ready to become a better person and help the cops in GTA V? If so, you are in right place. In this article, I will help you to become a Cop in GTA 5 story mode step by step with no mods.

Become a GTA 5 Police officer with no mods step by step. You heard it right.

Finally, a mod free guide!

I am tired of people using mods to show how to become a cop in GTA 5. But, not anymore.

This is the reason I am inspired to pen down this article.

How to Become a Cop in GTA 5 Offline?

You can become a cop in GTA 5 story-mode using no mods at all. But, the process is a bit lengthy. I need you to patient in the process.

Okay! So lets see the steps.

Step #1 – Decide your character

How to switch characters in GTA V

Decide which character you want to play?

Is it Trevor, Franklin or Micheal?

Decide and then switch between the three characters in GTA V.

Step #2 – Go to a Police Station

Go to the nearest police station.

There are various police stations in GTA V spread across the map. Find one and go to the location.

Step #3 – Steal a Cop Car

Once you reach the Police station, look around and spot a police vehicle to. steal.

Yes, you are going to steal a police car.

Step #4 – Lose the Cops

become a police officer in gta 5

At this point, you must have spotted an empty car to steal.

Get inside the vehicle. And outrun the cops after you. you can easily hide from the police by going to an underground sewer.

Step #5 – You have a Police car now!

After you have successfully lost the cops, put your car in the garage.

And change your clothes to Police Uniform. [See the detailed guide in next topic]

Step #6 – You have become a Cop in GTA 5

help police officers in gta 5

Go and help fellow police cops.

How do you get a Police uniform in GTA 5 Story Mode?

After you have all the hardworking of stealing a Police car, next is to change your clothes. Changing clothes is an easy task

  • Open the Interaction Menu.
  • Go to ‘Director’s mode‘.
  • In the casting Menu, pick ‘actors‘.
  • Next, open ‘Emergency services‘.
  • And finally ‘LSPD‘.

Congrats, you have finally changed your uniform.

Now, you are a full fledged Police Officer in GTA 5.


In conclusion, I hope this article helped you out. Besides, becoming a Cop is not that exciting, you’ll soon get bored.

Try using some GTA cheats on PC or on PS3 depending on the device you are playing.

Or, register as a CEO in GTA 5. You can do much good stuff there. Hire assistants and go on to complete your own missions. Now that’s fun.

Tell me in the comments whether you are becoming a Police officer or not and with which character?

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